In response to the growth in professional rodeo’s newest sport, the creators of The Team Roping Journal seized the opportunity to deliver the most comprehensive breakaway roping coverage available by launching a print edition of The Breakaway Roping Journal in April 2021, and following it up with another in August and November. 

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The Breakaway Roping Journal, running as special section within the April 2021 issue of The Team Roping Journal, will feature instructional content, alongside inspirational stories and gear reviews to provide breakaway ropers with content they’ve been craving in a print publication.

"When we launched The Breakaway Roping Journal online in September 2020, there was an immediate demand from our industry partners and ropers all over the world for a print product to accompany it," Chelsea Shaffer, editorial director for The Team Roping Journal and The Breakaway Roping Journal, said. "Having a print product—currently within the already vibrant Team Roping Journal—will add exposure to the athletes and their equine partners who drive the sport of breakaway. Our talented writers and editors will bring their expert-level coverage to the sport like never before." 

Launching inside The Team Roping Journal, BRJ will mail to 45,000 households within the roping community, with a pre-launch subscription push to breakaway ropers in particular. BRJ

About The Breakaway Roping Journal: The Breakaway Roping Journal provides professional coverage of the athletes, horses, gear and events driving the exponential growth in the sport of breakaway. The BRJ will employ the talents of leading ropers, trainers, breeders and industry leaders to explore the forces shaping the sport, while providing transformative instructional pieces and videos that will motivate breakaway ropers to better each aspect of their craft at every level. 

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