Welcome to the New BreakawayRopingJournal.com

Welcome to our new website: BreakawayRopingJournal.com 2.0! With the growth of the sport and our brand, we're leveling up online, too!


On May 23, we hit the Go button on a new website for The Breakaway Roping Journal designed with you, our reader, in mind. The aim behind the redesign is to get more content up front for an enhanced and broader view of the happenings across the ever-changing landscape of breakaway roping.

As is forever the case with technological advances, we are discovering—and actively fixing—unforeseen departures from our best-laid (and now public) plans. We ask that you’ll excuse our dust, so to speak, as we improve the site in real time, but we hope you’ll enjoy having a front row seat to those improvements.

Regardless of our platform, we also hope you’ll trust us to continue bringing you the most important and timely news in the industry, with insights from the best and brightest leaders in the sport. BRJ