Sydnie Romero stopped the clock in 2.35 seconds in the AT&T Stadium for RFD-TV's The American, which won the Top 16 round and advanced her to the Top 8 round. 

Top 8 Breakaway Ropers: 

1. Sydnie Romero, 2.35-second run

2. Jill Tanner, 2.81-second run

3. Whitlee Burgess, 3.29-second run

4. Loni Kay Lester, 3.44-second run

5. Kaycee Hollingback, 3.55-second run

6. Josie Conner, 3.77-second run

7. Hope Thompson, 3.98-second run

8. Mikayla McCoy, 4.47-second run