Faith, Country and Rodeo: The PAFRA Power Couple

In this special Veteran's Day episode, Travis and Jessica Beck share how their military and rodeo careers intertwined to lead them to the Professional Armed Forces Rodeo Association.

Travis and Jessica Beck talk Military and Rodeo
Images courtesy Beck family.

The Team Roping Journal’s “The Score” and The Breakaway Roping Journal’s “The Breakaway Breakdown” podcasts partnered on a special Veterans Day broadcast.

This episode features co-host Gabby Schiavino, senior managing editor of TRJ and BRJ, with host of “The Breakdown” Casey Allen. Together, they sit down with the Professional Armed Forces Rodeo Association’s power couple, Travis and Jessica Beck, both military veterans and rodeo athletes.

Along with their own professional rodeo pursuits, Travis and Jessica are members of PAFRACharly Crawford’s American Military Celebration, and Warriors and Rodeo. In those organizations, the Becks are more than just competitors. They play an active role in pursuit of the groups’ missions to bring together men and women who share the bonds of military service to compete in rodeo.

Listen now to learn about what European rodeos are like, how Travis and Jessica met and more.