The USTRC Did WHAT?! And Why Breakaway Ropers Need to Pay Attention

The largest roping organization in the world is officially aboard the breakaway roping train and Dru Stew is giving the insider's scoop on The Breakaway Breakdown.

Female ropers talking during practice
BRJ/TRJ File Photo

The USTRC just announced there will be $10,000 added to the Open at the Total Feeds National Breakaway Championships, plus a slew of prizes and classes for 19 & Under athletes in Fort Worth, Texas, on April 25-28.

Dru Stew breaks down everything you need to know about the event on this episode of The Breakaway Breakdown, plus Dru and host Casey Allen also discuss what it could take to grow the amateur base of breakaway roping in the future and take a quick look back at where ropers have been.

For more information on entries, stalls and more, check out the USTRC’s website.

This episode is brought to you by, who will be your home to watch the USTRC breakaway roping action live (and in their archives after).

About the USTRC

USTRC was born in 1990 in an effort to promote the sport of team roping, ensure fairness of competition, and provide a platform where ropers of all ability levels could enjoy the sport. This effort would culminate every October in a true National Finals of Team Roping.

Since those early years team roping has become the single largest performance equine group in world, surpassing all other disciplines combined. Over 200,000 team ropers are handicapped world wide, producing over $70 million in purses to recreational contestants each year. USTRC is the mother organization that created the modern team roping industry.

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