I've been working on consistency in my roping—meaning I want to be on the barrier and catching. With the Women's Rodeo World Championships coming this week, I've been making as much time as possible in the practice pen to make sure I'm roping sharp. 

Madison Outhier

Practice Schedule

I get home from school around 2, and I have a few polo horses to ride (because I compete in polo too!). I try to rope on two to three horses every day, and practice for an hour or two. Right now, we've got a pretty even set of cattle, and I know the start for each calf. 

The Start

The start is the most important part of any breakaway run, so I'm focusing on each type of start. My dad is really good at telling me what to see, and he changes it up for every different situation. As I ride into the box, he tells me what the start is. That prepares me for every situation, and that allows me to be confident know matter what the setup throws at me. 

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Consistent Catching

Having a strong, powerful swing and follow through is key for me to catch consistently. I want to follow through the whole way down, so my curl comes all the way back over the neck—so when my rope hits the calf's shoulder blades, it comes back around. I also focus on bringing my swing more right to left then down, so that my curl walks over the top of the calf's head instead of catching a front leg. With so many different variables, doing that solidifies a clean catch.