Teenage Takeover: NHSFR Champion Jenna Hume and WCRA’ Days of 47 Champ Josie Conner on The Breakdown
Jenna Hume at National High School Finals Rodeo
Jenna Hume takes her victory lap at the 2022 NHSFR

The youngest generation of breakaway ropers are making their name known.

Meet Jenna Hume, a new kid on the block when it comes to breakaway fame.

Hume just won the National High School Finals Rodeo and earned the title of World Champion breakaway roper on a 24-year-old horse who is blind in one eye. She is from Orfordsville, Wisonsin, and has a great story behind her win.

24-Year-Old “Junior,” Carries Jenna Hume to National High School Finals Breakaway Win

BRJ Digital Editor Jenna Link jumps in to interview Josie Conner—who is no stranger to success inside the arena at the age of 18—after her $25,000 win at the Days of 47 WCRA major in Salt Lake City, Utah, and breaking the arena record in dramatic fashion.

Amy Ohrt_2024_WRWC_Frothy_Editied
Rising Star Amy Ohrt Recounts WRWC Breakaway Championship, Her Upbringing on The Breakdown Podcast
Screenshot 2024-05-20 at 5.00
Ohrt has arrived
1.76 Seconds! Teen Amy Ohrt Wins WRWC at AT&T Stadium Against Brutal Competition
Kieley Walz won both of her breakaway roping matches—one in Round 1 and one in the Finals—to contribute to the WCRA Free Rider's win.
Come on and take a free ride
Underdog Free Riders Team Clinches Kid Rock’s Rock N Rodeo with Kieley Walz at the Helm
JJ Hampton ropes in the Reno Rodeo slack in 2021.
Come one come all
Breakaway Summer Run Preview, Reno Patriot Reveal on The Breakdown Podcast
surfs up
Kelsie Domer Riding High with $23K WCRA Rodeo Corpus Christi Win
"They can’t outrun our ropes."
MaryBeth Beam Posts Fastest Run of WCRA Rodeo Corpus Christi in Progressive Round 2

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