Breakaway Roping 101

How Should You Measure and Cut Your Breakaway Rope?
Lari Dee Guy explains her method for measuring her ideal length of rope.
Barrier System with Linsay Sumpter
What is the Barrier System?
Here's everything you need to know about the barrier system used at rodeos.
Roping Calves 101
Roping Calves 101
Live calves are an integral part of breakaway roping—not only on competition day, but at home, too. But what makes a good practice calf anyway? Two of the sport’s leading cattlewomen offer the 411 on...
Creating The Ideal Breakaway Roping Swing With Lari Dee Guy
Creating the Ideal Breakaway Roping Swing with Lari Dee Guy
In this Relentless Insights, Lari Dee Guy fixes a breakaway roping swing using the Nex Dummy. Guy addresses the breakaway roping breakover, her angles and her delivery to create an ideal breakaway roping...

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Lindsay Sumpter discussing safety hazards in breakaway roping
Safety Hazards in Breakaway Roping
Linsay Sumpter talks about how unsafe a horn knot can be and how to avoid problems.
Erin Johnson And Linsay Sumpter Discuss The Trials And Tribulations From The Pro Rodeo Road.
Trials and Tribulations from Pro Rodeo Road with Erin Johnson and Linsay Sumpter
Erin Johnson and Linsay Sumpter discuss the advantages of a bigger, stouter horse as well as how a horse's personality affects how well they handle life on the road.
How To Tie-on At The Rodeo
The Right Knot: How to Tie-On at the Rodeo with Erin Johnson
Three-time National Finals of Breakaway Roping qualifier Erin Johnson breaks down the steps it takes to tie your breakaway rope onto your saddle horn for competition.
Vegas Baby: The Fourth PRINT Issue of The Breakaway Roping Journal
The Team Roping Journal launched its fourth edition of The Breakaway Roping Journal inside its January 2022 issue.
5 Elements Of Success In Breakaway Roping With Linsay Sumpter
5 Elements of Success in Breakaway Roping with Linsay Sumpter
To set yourself up for success in breakaway roping—and to make it manageable to teach as well—you can break the sport into five key elements. Those elements are position, scoring, power, tip and follow-through. In this article, I'm going to explain how you can work on each fundamental on its own, then...
Two Masters: Brazile And Guy’s In-box Body Control
Two Masters: Brazile and Guy's In-Box Body Control
Lari Dee Guy and Trevor Brazile explanation of the best practices for setting up your breakaway horse in the box.
First Swing With Shelby Boisjoli
The Boisjoli Secret: How to Master Shelby Boisjoli's First Swing
Two-time National Finals of Breakaway Roping qualifier Shelby Boisjoli leaves the box with a noticeable first swing. Here, she explains how her rope mechanics make for a more powerful and efficient delivery.
Third Time's The Charm: The Third PRINT Issue of The Breakaway Roping Journal
The Team Roping Journal launched its third edition of The Breakaway Roping Journal inside its November 2021 issue.
You Can’t Read The Label When You’re Inside The Jar
You Can’t Read the Label When You’re Inside the Jar
Donene Taylor's explanation on getting outside your comfort zone, ask questions, be honest, and more.
breakaway roper's grip
Breakaway Basics: The Breakaway Roper’s Grip
World Champion Lari Dee Guy explains the breakaway roper’s grip.
Breakaway Roping 101
The most commonly asked questions about breakaway roping, answered.
Breakaway Rope Size 134-melody-hale-1-scaled
Breakaway 101: Rope Sizes and Terminology
Breakaway ropes are offered in a slew of different sizes. What do the numbers mean and which one's right for you?
kelsie Domer Wins Wrwc Through Last Chance Qualifier
Meant to Be: Kelsie Domer Wins WRWC Through Last Chance Qualifier
Kelsie Domer earned the 2023 Women’s Rodeo World Championship (WRWC) Breakaway title on Saturday, May 20, worth $60,000.
Breakaway's Annual Speed Weekend: Kelsie Domer Clinches Old Fort Days Rodeo Title
Domer topped a field of 1-second times to win Fort Smith, Arkansas, while others blazed 1-second times roping across Texas and Oklahoma.
MaryBeth Beam ropes a calf
MaryBeth Beam Fends Off Fierce Resistol Rookie Field as Summer Run Begins
The Resistol Rookie race gains momentum with MaryBeth Beam topping $10,000 in earnings.
Rylee George roping a calf on Deputy.
Deputy’s New Line of Service
Brazile’s Deputy is on the breakaway scene, helping up-and-comer Rylee George step up her game.