Breakaway basics
Breakaway Roping for Beginners: Start With These 5 Lessons

Learn the basics from the best. breakaway coach Hope Thompson is a three-time WPRA World Champion and a 2020 National Finals of Breakaway Roping qualifier. | BRJ File Photo / Jamie Arviso

Feeling inspired by the likes of Lari Dee Guy and Jackie Crawford to get started in breakaway roping? You’re in the right place. First things first: read Breakaway Roping 101. Then, watch the following videos to build your breakaway roping foundation.

Lesson 1: Determine Your Rope Size

Lari Dee Guy and Hope Thompson discussing breakaway rope sizes
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Start by learning about your most essential piece of gear: your rope. Lari Dee Guy and Hope Thompson break down what rope size they use and how different sizes match different styles. Watch the full lesson.

Lesson 2: Learn to Handle Your Rope

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If you are new to breakaway roping, the first skill Lari Dee Guy suggests you master is holding your rope correctly. Make sure you can handle your rope, know what size coils you need and what size loop to have before you start practicing on the dummy. Watch the full lesson.

Build a strong foundation in breakaway roping with’s library of training videos for breakaway beginners. Learn the basics with the complete Breakaway Fundamentals playlist.

Lesson 3: Understand a Breakaway Roper’s Swing

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Now it’s time to work on your swing. In this lesson, learn the anatomy of your rope, how to find your target and how to visualize and execute the ideal swing. Watch the full lesson.

Lesson 4: Start on Ground Fundamentals with Danielle Lowman

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Now that you’ve got a basic understanding of your rope and swing, it’s time to practice on a roping dummy. Danielle Lowman shares some simple drills on the ground that help keep her loop sharp. Watch the full lesson.

Lesson 5: Learning Correct Body Position on the Ground with Martha Angelone

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Not only is the position that you rope from on the dummy important, your core and arm positioning has effects on your loop. Martha Angelone shares a simple drill to help train your body to stay in good position through your throw when roping the dummy on the ground and explains how it can carry over to roping live cattle. Watch the full lesson.

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