Breakaway ProRodeo 101 with Lynn Smith

Lynn Smith, the Western WPRA Breakaway Roping Director, is familiar with the sport of breakaway at all levels including ProRodeo.

Lynn Smith ropes her calf in red lodge, MT
Lynn Smith is a knowledgable rodeo professional who is familiar with the sport of breakaway from all angles. Photo by Avid Visuals Imagery Rodeo Photography.

Lynn Smith, the Western WPRA Breakaway Roping Director, is familiar with the sport of breakaway at all levels.

Smith is a multiple-time CNFR Champion, collegiate coach, ProRodeo competitor and one of the earliest teachers of goat tying at a high level.

In this episode, Smith and Chelsea Shaffer—director of The Team Roping Journal,, and The Breakaway Roping Journal—sit down to discuss how to get started in ProRodeo breakaway.

They also share some basic tips for ropers looking to purchase their permits or cards and compete in ProRodeos, plus what’s on the horizon for the sport..

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