2023 National Finals Breakaway Roping Dates and Details Set

The 2023 National Finals Breakaway Roping will be taking place in the Southpoint Arena & Equestrian Center.

Undeniable: Martha Angelone Clocks Fastest Nfbr Time En Route To World Championship
Martha Angelone captured the 2022 World Championship title. Photo by Jamie Arviso

The 2023 National Finals Breakaway Roping will be taking over the South Point & Equestrian Center for the second year in a row Dec. 5–6, 2023, for 10 rounds of the fastest event in rodeo.

In 2023 the National Finals Breakaway Roping will be mirroring 2022’s payout of $250,000, with the Top 15 breakaway ropers in the world vying for a slice of the pie.

With 10 full go rounds, each round will pay $5,080.08 to the winner, $4,204.20 for second, $3,328.33 for third, $2,452.45 for fourth, $1,576.58 for fifth and $875.88 for sixth, according to the WPRA.

The National Finals Breakaway Roping payout in the aggregate is $13,866.13 for the fastest time on 10 head. The rest of the payout is:

  • 2ND              $11,249.88
  • 3RD              $8,895.25
  • 4TH              $6,540.63
  • 5TH              $4,709.25
  • 6TH              $3,401.13
  • 7TH              $2,354.63
  • 8TH              $1,308.13

Comparatively, the NFR go-rounds pay $28,914 to win (and that’s per-man in the team roping), with the average paying $74,150 to the aggregate champs.

The 2023 National Finals Breakaway Roping will begin daily at 2 p.m. (PST) with doors opening at 1 p.m. daily.

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