Stock Up: Breakaway Ropes and Hondos on Amazon for Prime Day

Whether you're just now picking up a breakaway rope for the first time, are needing to stock up your rope can for the winter or are looking for the right holiday present then you need to shop these ropes from Amazon!


Cactus Ropes’ Tsunami

The Tsunami, by Cactus Ropes, is a 24 ft. long poly rope, with a unique feel obtained through the extensive testing with 2020 National Finals of Breakaway qualifiers Lari Dee Guy and Hope Thompson ,as well as the 2019 RFD-TV’s The American Breakaway Roping Champion, Madison Outhier. Cactus Ropes’ new production technology is used to create an even weight distribution and a highly identifiable tip. Get it on Amazon here.

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Fast Back Ropes’ The Athena

The Athena, by Fast Back Ropes, is a four-strand breakaway rope with a purple dyed poly core which provides enhanced tip weight and durability. This tough and durable rope stands up in all conditions and gives a snappy finish and close. Get it on Amazon here. 

Rattler Ropes’ Spitfire

The Spitfire—used by Jackie Crawford—is the first professional breakaway rope of its kind. The Spitfire is made with a customized process using technologically advanced fibers which allows the loop to stay open through the delivery. Get it on Amazon here. 

Nothin But Neck Breakaway Honda

The Nothin But Neck Breakaway Honda is quick and easy to install. It has a consistent feel without changing the weight or pull of the tip of your rope. To install you will need tape and a screwdriver. Get it on Amazon here. 

Hero Rodeo Breakaway Honda

Hero Rodeo Breakaway Honda allows you to practice with your breakaway rope and still be able to use that same rope at the rodeo by simply clipping the honda directly to your rope’s existing honda. The Hero Rodeo Breakaway Honda is one of the most impact resistant hondas made out of ABS plastic. Get it on Amazon here. 

Magic Loop Breakaway Honda

The Magic Loop Breakaway Honda is built to create perfect balance that allows for the same feel as a rope tied honda. Get it on Amazon here. 

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