This Yeti Crossroads pack has ropey ladies covered, whether you're a kid mom, dog mom, horse mom, or all of the above.

Chances are good, if you’re loading up and hauling places, you’re in the market for quality gear that can keep
you organized. Enter Yeti’s Crossroad Backpacks, available in 22L, 27L and 35L.

Pictured above is the 22L—a go-to gear item for Kaitlin Gustave, who’s our boots-on-the-ground editor at many roping events, not to
mention a horse and pup mom. 

“Rascal” finds the pack durable and snooze-able … which we find

“I love that the Yeti backpack has two interior pockets—one for your laptop and one for your iPad,” she said. “It
has a lot of room, which makes it easy to pack everything I need for a work trip—including microphones,
notebooks, planners and more. I also like the straps that you can add to the front of the backpack. I use those
to strap the camera on so that I’m not holding another bag. It makes traveling a lot easier.”

Gustave is also an active roper, so she’s got some good intel on how the bag performs at a competitive level.

“You can pack your baby powder in the top pocket or the handy side-access zipper pocked and, if you need to, you
can hang your rope from the front of the backpack so it’s with you.”

Other features include multiple handles for handy grab-and-go action and a Flip-Top Vault pocket that makes
allows you to find what you need with ease. 

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The Yeti Crossroads pack fits right in with your breakaway ropes. 

Find the Crossroads Collection at