5 Things Jackie Crawford Won’t Go to Las Vegas Without

Jackie Crawford won't leave for the NFBR in Las Vegas without these five off-the-wall items for a breakaway roper.

Static Guard Essential Oils Krimper
Jackie Crawford's Las Vegas Essentials

I’ve spent days packing to leave for Las Vegas for the National Finals Breakaway Roping, and I’ve got all the horse stuff packed—but what I need for my kids and myself? That’s a lot tougher.

But, before I head out, here are five things I will make sure are in my bags:

  1. Static Guard. I’m used to the Texas humidity, not the Las Vegas desert. Everything is dry, so I get static like crazy walking through the casino. I spray my hair down. My clothes. Everything.
  2. Humidifier with Essential Oils. I run that in the hotel room all the time, with immune-boosting essential oils to keep from getting sick.
  3. Long Johns. I take a set of long johns for under my shirt and pants because you never know the weather there, and when it’s cold in Las Vegas it’s cold.
  4. Vitamins. We do all the vitamins. That’s a given.
  5. Krimper. I take one just in case I want to get a little crazy with my hair. There’s nowhere else all year I get to do that.

Pro Tip: Amazon delivers to the hotels, so if you don’t remember to bring one of the essentials, you can usually have it right away.

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