Bradi Good, of Abilene, Texas, is breaking barriers by advancing to the semi-finals performances at the Cheyenne Frontier Days in both the breakaway roping and the barrel racing, making her the first woman to advance in two events.

Good, 19, competed in both events in the third performance on Monday, July 26 after qualifying through the slacks with a 4.4-second run in the breakaway roping and a 17.93-second run in the barrels.

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“This is my first time competing here and they just added breakaway,” Good said. “I’ve always dreamed of roping here. I went ahead and entered the barrels, because, why not. I was going to have my horse up here anyways. They both worked great and I’m just excited to get the chance at two events.”

Bradi Good throwing her rope in the breakaway roping to qualify to the semi-finals at The Dally of 'Em All. 

Bradi Good throwing her rope in the breakaway roping to qualify to the semi-finals at The Dally of 'Em All. 

Good kicked-off the Monday matinee performance in the breakaway roping. She was the 10th lady out on the 20-foot score and won the performance with a 4.1-second run to advance her to the semi-finals.

“It was so cool to get the chance to rope in front of the fans,” she said. “It wasn’t the prettiest loop. It was more of a let it lay, make it pay loop, but it worked out.”

She roped on her sorrel gelding, Rango, whom she purchased from seven-time NFR qualifier Timber Moore and recently won the bronze medal on at the WCRA Days of ’47 Cowboy Games & Rodeo.

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“I know that as long as I get out good, he’ll catch up to them and give us a chance to make it back,” Good said. “Madison Outhier rode him in the first round, too, and made it back. She was going to ride him in the second round, but he came up with an abscess in Salt Lake (City, Utah) so we didn’t want to put two runs on him. We’ve gotten that handled and he’s ready to go for the semi-finals.”

After stopping to talk with Cowboy Channel host Amy Wilson Cameron, Good ran to prepare for the barrel racing, where she placed second with a 17.55-second run in the performance behind three-time world champion Hailey Kinsel’s 17.22-second run.

Bradi Good and Gracie in the performances at the Cheyenne Frontier Days. 

Bradi Good and Gracie in the performances at the Cheyenne Frontier Days. 

“I knew that she was going to have a smoking run like she always does,” Good said. “To be able to run right there with her and win second in the performance is unreal. I’ve never considered myself a professional barrel racer because I don’t really go to the barrel races as much as I do ropings.”

Good rode her 6-year-old mare named Gracie, whom she purchased from Jana Bean, a three-time NFR qualifier, as a 4-year-old.

“Right before (RFD-TV’s) The American this year, we injected her. It was a bad injection. She ended up coming out with Colitis. There was a real big chance that she wasn’t going to pull through for a while. She came out of it good and was all ready to go.”

After giving the mare much needed time off, the Good decided they would pull an embryo out of her to breed her to Slick By Design.

“We sent her up and they inseminated her and forgot to flush her. She carried a baby for two weeks and they had to abort the baby and redo it and flush her,” Good said. “Everything is good now, but she’s been through a lot here recently. We got her back and Jana Bean took her as a second or third string horse and she’s ran her at a few rodeos before Cheyenne.”

Good will have a split between events, having drawn up in the breakaway roping semi-finals on Friday, July 30, and the barrel racing on Saturday, July 21.

“It will be a lot less stress,” she said. “The other day I roped, then had to do an interview. I had to take my horse to the vet. I was just kind of hurrying to get on for the barrels. I’ll be able to just do my job and wait for another day and focus on the other event.”

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Good has her mind set on bringing home an iconic Cheyenne Frontier Days saddle to set in her family’s living room next to her dad’s, Shay Good, 2015 Cheyenne Frontier Days Champion Steer Roping Saddle.

“That saddle is in the middle of our living room. It’s the prettiest saddle,” Good said. “Growing up and coming to this rodeo and having my grandpa also compete in this rodeo, it would be such a blessing to win, or even get a chance at something like that.”

Good sets herself up for success in both the breakaway roping and the barrel racing with a game plan that she plans on bringing with her through the semi-finals.

“In the breakaway, I just try not to break the rules: don’t break out and don’t miss. The barrels is about the same. Ride your horse all the way through the barrels. Just give it all 110%.”

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Unfortunately, Good cannot win the Cheyenne Frontier Days All-Around title since the title is awarded to PRCA cardholders, and Good is a WPRA cardholder.