The American Semifinals Cheat Sheet: Breakaway Roping Performance 3

Learn about the 10 breakaway ropers and horses who will be competing in the third performance of The American Semifinals on Thursday, March 3 at 7:00 p.m. CST.


In the second performance of The American Semifinals, only three cowgirls unofficially posted clean times: Tayler Felton with a 2.16-second run, Sarah Angelone with a 2.60-second run, and Bailey Gubert with a 2.68-second run, none of which gave the cowgirls a composite time on three head to unseat Kat-Lyn Hooper in the No. 1 position.

In the third performance, all eyes will be on Maddy Deerman. She is coming into the performances with two chances at punching her ticket in the top 10, with times of 5.68 and 4.46 on two head posted so far. However, the aggregate format means that a quick, clean time will be necessary to advance in the top 10.

Here are the ten ropers and horses looking to secure their spot in the contender round, where the qualifiers will go head-to-head against the top 10 professional invitees on Friday, March 4 at Cowtown Coliseum to earn their spot in The American at At&T Stadium on Sunday, March 6.

#1. Meghan McGinley

Qualifying time: 5.13

Horse: Jewel, a 2006 grade mare.

#2. Samantha Fulton

Qualifying time: 5.15

Horse: BCR Lenas Nic, a 2005 gelding by Nic It In The Bud and out of Lenas Scotti.

#3. *Halle Tatham

Qualifying time: 5.68

Horse: Short of SusieDualy, a 2011 mare by Short of Santana and out of Susies Dually.

#4, #10. Maddy Deerman

Qualifying times: 5.68, 4.46

Horse: Lady Polka, a 2009 gelding by The Prince of Polka and out of Howleys Lady Pay.

#5. Sydney Graff

Qualifying time: 5.39

Horse: Playboys Sun Fever, a 2006 gelding by Playboys Buck Fever and out of PC Sun Dew.

#6. Harley Pryor

Qualifying time: 4.45

Horse: MPH Docs Next Jewel, a 2011 mare by Mr Peppys Freckles and out of Holly Leo Lena.

#7. Peggy Garman

Qualifying time: 4.46

Horse: Honeys Lil Boy, a 2005 gelding by Lil McGinn and out of Hummers Honey.

#8. Josey Murphy

Qualifying time: 5.06

Horse: Berlin, a 2016 grade mare.

#9. Ellie Schreck

Qualifying time: 4.47

Horse: Play Your Luck, a 2006 mare by Smart Trip Olena and out of Playboys N Vegas.

#11. Kayla Graham

Qualifying time: 4.96

Horse: Built To Deliver, a 2012 gelding by Dual Cher and out of Little Magnolia Mac.