Emilee Charlesworth roped three calves in 7.55 seconds to win The Cowgirl Gathering’s first-ever Challenger breakaway roping.

Marathon, Texas, young gun Emilee Charlesworth took home a total of $3,702 from The Cowgirl Gathering’s Challenger breakaway roping in the Cowtown Coliseum in Fort Worth.

Charlesworth, 15, came into the short round at sixth callback and roped her short round calf in 2.09 seconds to secure the No. 1 spot with an aggregate time of 7.55 seconds on three head, worth $2,217.

“I wasn’t really expecting to win it,” said Charlesworth, who is homeschooled. “My mom and dad called me and they were like, ‘Hey, you need to come up here. You won it.’”

Charlesworth was not going to back off once the short round came. She threw her rope on her third swing out of the box to seal the deal coming off a poor performance at the WCRA Rodeo’s Women’s Rodeo World Championships progressive rounds.

“My dad said that the calf was going to go to the left, so I just took my first shot and it worked out pretty good,” Charlesworth noted. “I didn’t have the best week at the WCRA finals, so I came here and I did good and my horse worked great.”

Her 5-year-old grey mare, Hallelujah, started out as a cutting horse and quickly became her go-to breakaway mount.

“My sister cut on her and then I got her and my dad and I started working with her. Now she’s my No. 1.”

Charlesworth understands that the breakaway event has stepped up after she added an extra $495 for placing fifth in the second round with a 2.31-second run, and another $990 for winning the short go fast time with her 2.09-second run.

“The money in the breakaway is awesome,” she said. “It’s crazy how much breakaway has went up in the likes of the rodeo lifestyle.”

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Full Results: 


  1. Emilee Charlesworth, 7.55 seconds on three head, worth $2,217
  2. Abby Medlin, 7.56 seconds on three head, worth $1,742
  3. Kenzie Huffman, 7.62 seconds on three head, worth $1,425
  4. Kerby Anderson, 8.68 seconds on three head, worth $1,108
  5. Katie Haythorn, 8.80 seconds on three head, worth $792
  6. Cheyenne Brittian, 9.02 seconds on three head, worth $633

First Round Fast Time

  1. Makayla Mack, 2.10-second run, worth $1,386
  2. Kenzie Huffman, 2.29-second run, worth $1,089
  3. Brandy Gilbert, 2.39-second run, worth $891
  4. Donna Charmesson, 2.51-second run, worth $693
  5. Linsay Sumpter, 2.58-second run, worth $495
  6. Jessi Thompson, 2.64-second run, worth $396

Second Round Fast Time

  1. Cedar Anderson, 2.11-second run, worth $1,386
  2. Abby Medlin, 2.19-second run, worth $1,089
  3. Makayla Mack, 2.21-second run, worth $891
  4. Mindy Wells, 2.23-second run, worth $693
  5. Emilee Charlesworth, 2.31-second run, worth $495
  6. Rylie Smith, 2.43-second run, worth $396

Short Go Fast Time

  1. Emilee Charlesworth, 2.09-second run, worth $990
  2. Abby Medlin, 2.21-second run, worth $594
  3. Cheyenne Brittian, 2.83-second run, worth $396

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