Finally Her Day: Cheyenne Chamberlain Earns First Frontier Circuit Roping Titles

Cheyenne Chamberlain won the first major roping titles of her career after a standout weekend at the First Frontier Ciruit Finals.

Cheyenne Chamberlain breakaway roping at the 2022 First Frontier Circuit Finals rodeo.
Chamberlain won the third round of the FFCF en route to her aggregate and year-end titles. Image by Casey Martin Photography.

Cheyenne Chamberlain has been a fixture in the Northeastern roping scene since her childhood days, but she just earned the first major titles of her career at the First Frontier Circuit Finals in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on January 12-14, 2022.

“I’ve always scrapped for money and placed, but I’ve never won the big titles,” Chamberlain (30) said. “It’s still sinking in. I’ve never roped for the kind of money they paid at circuit finals, either. Our rodeos aren’t that big up here.”

Chamberlain calls Fort Ann, New York, home—a 539-mile commute even to the FFCF in Harrisburg. Once in the building, Chamberlain capitalized on nearly every run. She won second-place money in the second performance with a 3.1-second run and first in the third round with a 2.1-second run. Chamberlain’s efforts were enough to earn her the aggregate win, which brought her total earnings to $6,624 at the FFCF.

Chamberlain was also in attendance at the 2021 FFCF—the first year the circuit opted to allow breakaway ropers into the performances in Harrisburg—when the rounds paid $888 each and the aggregate paid $1,331. The stark contrast in payout isn’t just thanks to the inclusion of breakaway at rodeos like the Cowtown Championship Rodeo weekly in the summer months. The FFC breakaway ropers banded together and worked to raise over $10,000 for their own cause by way of fundraising roping clinics, auctions, event sponsorships and even a calcutta on sets of ropers at the FFCF.

“I know the guy who bought (Sierra Galusha) and I are happy,” Chamberlain said, laughing. “It was really fun to see everybody having fun with the calcutta and egging eachother on via Facebook.”

Chamberlain was quick to point out that she was reaping the benefits of efforts put forth by a massive group of individuals and businesses.

“Above all else, I’m just grateful,” Chamberlain said. “Not only to the people who have been there for me through my entire career or just in recent years—my family, my boyfriend and his son for being chute help, my hauling partners for literally picking me up and taking me all over this summer—but to everybody who is backing us breakaway ropers up here. It took a ton of individuals who really pushed for us to be in the circuit finals last year and this year, with this kind of money. We’re all working toward the same goal.”

Beneath her support system, Norman Dilday, or “Tequila,” is Chamberlain’s 23-year-old faithful mount who has been with her for over 13 years.

“I had to pick between Tequila and my younger horse to ride at circuit finals,” Chamberlain said. “I picked Tequila because I feel the most comfortable on him. Plus, he’s the one who won the money at the rodeos for me this year, so he deserved to go and get to shine. It ended up being the perfect choice because the cattle and setup were perfect for him.”

As far as her NFR Open plans go, Chamberlain hasn’t made the call on whether she will be able to make the trip to Colorado Springs in July. Until then, she will be braving the New York winters and hauling out to a friend’s indoor to ride when she returns home each day from her full-time role in marketing.

“I have no clue if I’m going to Colorado because I hadn’t even planned on winning,” Chamberlain said. “I don’t set goals, I guess. I try to make the best of each run and just keep that one in focus, one calf at a time. Now, I’ve got some things to figure out.”

First Frontier Circuit Finals Breakaway Roping Results

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, January 12-14

First round: 1. Emily Fabian, 3.1 seconds, $2,038; 2. Kelsey King, 3.3, $1,529; 3. Tori Roberto, 3.7, $1,019; 4. Tara Gale, 4.1, $510

Second round: 1. Sierra Galusha, 2.7 seconds, $2,038; 2. Cheyenne Chamberlain, 3.1, $1,529; 3. Kelly Jo Stein, 13.0, $1,019; 4. Caybrie Clatterbuck, 16.2, $510

Third round: 1. Cheyenne Chamberlain, 2.4 seconds, $2,038; 2. Kelsey King, 2.7, $1,529; 3. Tara Gale, 4.0, $1,019; 4. Caybrie Clatterbuck, 4.3, $510

Average: 1. Cheyenne Chamberlain, 5.5 seconds on two head, $3,057; 2. Kelsey King, 6.0, $2,293; 3. Tara Gale, 8.1, $1,529; 4. Caybrie Clatterbuck, 20.5, $764

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