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Let’s Get a Baseline: Where the WPRA Breakaway Circuits Stand in April

To truly appreciate the come-from-behind champions who take the circuits by surprise and the pure domination shown in other circuits, a baseline needs to be set.

Annie Minor breakaway roping at Columbia River Circuit Finals Rodeo
Annie Minor won the Columbia River Circuit Averages in 2022, and she's leading the pack in 2024. Photo by Ashley Kendall Photography

The WPRA breakaway circuits are the grassroots of the organization, and the battles between the weekend circuit warriors, rookies cutting their teeth and full-time ProRodeo ropers are some of the best watching in breakaway.

But to truly appreciate the come-from-behind cowgirls who take the circuits by surprise and the pure domination shown in other circuits, a baseline needs to be set. Here are where the 13 WPRA Breakaway Circuits stand in early April with a full summer run of competition ahead of them.

Badlands Circuit

1Syerra Christensen$1,405
2Lacey Hewitt$1,222
3Codi Sebastian$1,039
4Kayla Olson$580
5Haley Huls$213
5Jess Wiesser$213

California Circuit

1Suzanne Williams$3,010
2Emily Gately$2,807
3Karri Jones$1,409
4Cassidy Barnes$1,391
5Kaitlyn Andersen$1,183

Columbia Circuit

1Annie Minor$1,712
2Britni Carlson$1,489
3Jodi Goodrich$1,153
3Josie Goodrich$1,153
5Shelbie Allen$707
5Melody Hale$707

First Frontier Circuit

1Cheyenne Chamberlain$1,199
2Shelby Edwards$992
3Tracey Brennan$682
3Rylee George$682
5Aimee George$289

Great Lakes Circuit

1Jesse Alsup$2,132
2Danni Clover$1,180
3Keeley Senn$820
4Hannah Hughes$767
4Alli Masters$767

Maple Leaf Circuit

The Maple Leaf Circuit is still defrosting. Check back for updated standings.

Montana Circuit

1Georgia Orahood$2,019
2Sarah Verhelst$1,755
3Ronni Chaffee$1,159
4Callahan Otoupalik$965
5Anna Callaway$204
5Steph Newman$204

Mountain States Circuit

1Sara Montgomery$965
2Erin Johnson$270

Prairie Circuit

1Cheyanne McCartney$4,497
2Winter Williams$3,034
3Mikayla McCoy$2,719
4Timber Allenbrand$2,479
5Chenoa Vandestouwe$1,166

Southeast Circuit

1Lacey Nail$7,119
2Makayla Purcell$6,313
3Amanda Coleman$6,237
4Kelsey Mabry$4,957
5Brooke Ladner$4,378

Texas Circuit

1Addie Weil$14,036
2JJ Hampton$10,443
3Hali Williams$8,077
4Cassidy Boggs$6,858
5KC-Gail Churchill$5,344

Turquoise Circuit

1Macy Young$4,229
2TiAda Gray$3,212
3Cheyenne Blackmore$2,518
4Kayse Mahoney$2,200
5Lindsay Baker$1,781

Wilderness Circuit

1Megan Burbidge$1,652
1Delany Kunau$1,652
3Marvel Murphy$1,116

Check back for more WPRA breakaway circuit coverage thanks to Equinety, who supports breakaway ropers of all levels with their amino acid supplement. Learn more about Equinety’s lineup of products that power the horse here.

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