Breakaway roping young-gun Jordi Edens, from Gatesville, Texas, smoked a fast 1.66-second run to win the first round of the RFD-TV's The American semi-finals breakaway slack in the Cowtown Coliseum in Fort Worth, Texas.

RFD-TV's The American Semi-Finals Breakaway Roping Round 1 Results: 

1. Jordi Edens (B), 1.66-second run, worth $4,362.
2. Bailey Gubert (B), 1.78-second run, worth $3,531.
3. TiAda Gray (B), 1.81-second run, worth $2,700.
4. Whitney Locken (A), 1.82-second run, worth $2,077.
5. Jayden Gould (B), 1.87-second run, worth $1,869
6. Whitlee Burgess, 1.94-second run, worth $1,661
7. Bailey Gubert (A), 1.95-second run, worth $1,454
8/9. Danielle Lowman (A), 1.98-second run, worth $1,142
8/9. Shai Schaefer (B), 1.98-second run, worth $1,142
10. Lexie Russell (A), 1.99-second run, worth $831