The Cowgirl Gathering will offer a $10,000-added all-girl team roping, $21,500-added breakaway and $20,000 Open 5D barrel race in the Fort Worth Stockyards Nov. 13-15.

The inaugural Cowgirl Gathering, hosted by the American Paint Horse Association, is set to make history in the Fort Worth Stockyards November 13-15, 2020. 

Where: Stockyards Coliseum, 121 E Exchange Ave, Fort Worth, Texas 76164


Nov. 13$2,500-added Open all-girl team roping, followed by $7,500-added #9.5 all-girl team roping (followed by the Stockyards’ regularly scheduled $5,000-added weekly rodeo Friday night)

Nov. 14$11,500-added Open breakaway, followed by $10,000-added WCRA Challenger breakaway, plus $2,500 bonus to the highest money winning Texas-bred Paint horse

Nov. 15—$20,000 Open 5D Barrel Race plus a $3,500 Paint Horse Incentive and $1,000 bonus to highest-placing Texas-bred Paint horse

Important to Note: This is an OPEN, all-breed event, with incentives and bonuses for Paints. 

Why APHA: Organizers of The Cowgirl Gathering are ante-ing up big money for the ladies of the Western industry. Women make up some 70% of the APHA’s membership, a trend that’s spreading across the industry as a whole, said APHA’s Steven Hayes. 

“It’s been a couple years that we’ve had this vision,” Hayes said. “But we didn’t know how we’d do it. With our new corporate headquarters in the Stockyards, this became the perfect place to do it. While this is an all-breed event, this segment of our membership are the growers of the industry. We wanted to do something that would honor that. That membership has been under targeted for a long time.”

Plans for 2021 and beyond are bigger and better, too, and will be released as they become available. 

Plus: On Saturday and Sunday, top Western industry thought leaders will speak at the Cowgirl Essence Exchange across the street from the Coliseum at The Cowboy Channel studio between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Lindy Burch, Dena Kirkpatrick, Billie Bray, Adrian Brannan and Jessica Haas speak on Saturday, while LeAnn Hart, Tracy Sheffield, Amy C. Witt, Lari Dee Guy and Donene Taylor will round out Sunday. 

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