The 5 WCRA Breakaway Runs You GOTTA See to Believe

The Breakaway Roping Journal rounded top moments from the WCRA and WRWC in bite-size breakaway roping TikToks for a convenient brain break no matter the time or place.

kelsie Domer Wins Wrwc Through Last Chance Qualifier
Kelsie Domer and "Little Man" gathered $60,000 at the WRWC before the summer run got rolling. Photo courtesy of WCRA.

The Breakaway Roping Journal rounded top moments from the World Champion’s Rodeo Alliance (WCRA) and Women’s Rodeo World Championships (WRWC) in bite-size breakaway roping TikToks for a convenient brain break no matter the time or place.

Breakaway roping is a sport done in an instant, so studying breakaway videos in both slow motion and regular speed gives viewers a change to glean small details from top athletes.

5. Youth Kirsten Freeman packs a punch at WCRA Rodeo Corpus Christi


Story in bio- High schooler Kerstin Freeman gets it done in 1.74 seconds in the progressive performance at RodeoCorpusChristi. Shes headed to the @WCRA Rodeo Showdown Round on Saturday night. #BreakawayRoping #Cowgirl #NHSRA #RodeoTok #RopingTok #Roper #WCRA

♬ original sound – Mr. Wired Up
Kerstin Freeman topped the second progressive round at the 2023 WCRA Corpus Christi with a time of 1.74 seconds, winning $1,600. Freeman went on to advance to the three-man shootout round in the short go, finishing No. 2 and gathering an additional $2,500.

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4. Danielle Lowman stuns at 2023 WRWC with 1.61-second run


DANI. LOW. SHOW. @Danielle Lowman goes 1.61 in the first round of the #WRWC to go to the top of the Pro leaderboard. #BreakawayRoping #Cowgirl #RopingTok #WRWC #WCRA #DaniLowShow #FortWorth

♬ Warrior (Stand Up) [feat. Rayelle] – Hidden Citizens coach Danielle Lowman is known for her lightning fast catches, and her talent was on full display at the 2023 Women’s Rodeo World Championship in Fort Worth, Texas, where she stopped the clock in 1.61 seconds.

3. Harley Pryor and new mount “Tick” score sharp at 2023 WRWC


Shes 14, and shes leading the Pro division to the Women’s Rodeo World Championship Semifinals tonight in Cowtown Coliseum. The name’s Harley Pryor, heard of her? Link in bio to learn more. #BreakawayRoping #RodeoTok #Roping #Cowgirl #RodeoAthlete #HarleyPryor #RopingTok

♬ Believer trap version remix – MR.Z BEATS
Harley Pryor has consistently shown her ability to hang with the big dogs, even as a 14-year-old at the 2023 WRWC where she racked up $5,150 in earnings.

2. Kelsie Domer clinches 2023 WRWC Championship after qualifying through the last-chance qualifier


KELSIE DOMER IS YOUR CHAMPION OF THE 2023 WOMEN’S RODEO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. SHE JUST EARNED $60,000! #BreakawayRoping #Cowgirl #Rodeo #Roping #Rodeo #RopingTok #KelsieDomer

♬ The Champion – The Score
“I finally finished something like the WRWC. I’ve been in the situation for big money, and I’ve never finished. That’s all I could think about—that I was going to finish this one.” – Kelsie Domer

1. Martha Angelone battled to the top at 2022 WRWC

Virginia cowgirl Martha Angelone has fought from the bottom to the very top, winning the 2022 WRWC Breakaway Championship. In 2023, she returned to the event and won the Team Roping Championship with Jackie Crawford.

What is the WCRA?

According to the WCRA,

“Since launching in May of 2018, the World Champions Rodeo Alliance (WCRA) and its partners have awarded millions in new money to rodeo athletes. Qualifying is based on points, rather than dollars won, through our world ranking points system.

The WCRA is a professional sport and entertainment entity, created to develop and advance the sport of rodeo by aligning all levels of competition. In association with PBR, WCRA produces major rodeo events, developing additional opportunities for rodeo industry competitors, stakeholders and fans.”

Here’s the translation….

For most of the year, think of the WCRA as a sidepot that’s just in the background—a floating association. They don’t require co-sanctioning with any associations, there’s no membership fees. But, they have “Triple Crown of Rodeo,” events that happen throughout the year, which are comparative bonus finals.

So how do I enter WCRA events?

The ticket to entry in the WCRA is the nomination process through their online system.

You can choose to just go to one and nominate for that single event, or you can nominate to multiple on one entry and try to hit all of their events in a given year.

Ropers can nominate any event, anywhere, any time. It could be a WPRA rodeo or open jackpot. The WCRA creates a double-dip effect using a points system.

The Breakaway Roping Journal thanks the WCRA for their commitment to furthering the sport of breakaway, including breakaway at their Triple Crown events with equal added money. Because of their support, BRJ can continue to bring industry updates to breakaway ropers and fans across the country.