Confidence, Goals and the Path to a Gold Buckle

Donene Taylor shares some of her best tips for mastering the mental side of breakaway roping in this Breakaway Breakdown episode.


On this episode of The Breakaway Breakdown, mental performance coach and WPRA world champion tie-down roper, Donene Taylor weighs in on how you can master the mental side of breakaway roping, and how those principles carry over into daily life.

Taylor hits on topics like

  • Changing your inner dialogue
  • Displaying confidence through body language
  • Confidence versus arrogance
  • The importance of your inner circle
  • Setting goals
  • Enjoying the journey en route to your bold goal

She also discusses her newest book, Master the Art of Winning and what inspired her to create the cover and contents.

Taylor has worked with renowned ropers like Lari Dee Guy and Hope Thompson, and shares some struggles that athletes face no matter how much success they have in the arena.