NFBR qualifier Joey Williams comes on The Breakaway breakdown podcast following her win at the 2022 Ellensburg Rodeo.

On this episode, NFBR qualifier Joey Williams discusses her recent win at Ellensburg Rodeo, where she dominated the rounds and aggregate to pocket over $7,400. She also discusses what it’s like balancing a rodeo career with three small children and the bloodlines behind her great mare, Baybe.

Williams qualified to the NFBR in 2021 and clocked the fastest time at the Orleans with a 1.7-second run, and she’s been steadily moving up the world standings in 2022 with a strong shot at the NFBR once again. After her win in Ellensburg, Williams moved up to No. 7 in the WPRA standings with over $56,000 in earnings as of September 8, 2022. Williams is a wife and mother of three—with her oldest just starting kindergarten in 2022.

Joey Williams and Cheyanne Guillory Breakdown NFBR Round Wins

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