Maddy Deerman talks about her Windy Ryon win and how she has worked to rope in all setups on The Breakdown.

On this episode, Maddy Deerman sits down with host Casey Allen immediately after her win at the Windy Ryon memorial roping. She shares insight on her personal and roping background and the special horses in her barn.

Maddy Deerman Braves the Wind, Wins 2022 Windy Ryon Memorial Breakaway Roping

As a geoscience major, Deerman discussed what college rodeo has done for her and her opinions on the experience.

“A lot of high school kids think that they can’t pursue a ‘difficult’ degree and college rodeo, but you can,” Deerman said. “Your coaches will 100% support you in whatever you want to study. There will be time where you don’t have much time for either, but it’s going to pay off in the long run.”

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