Paden Bray can WHAT?
All-Around Breakdown: Paden Bray Talks Calf Roping

Learn how Paden Bray is expanding his roping horizons—and making adjustments to his loop—to make waves in the tie-down roping.

Paden Bray calf roping
Paden Bray tied for the second round win at the Pendleton Round-Up in 2023. Image by Click Thompson.

On this epiosde of the Breakdown Podcast, three-time NFR heeler Paden Bray discusses how he’s adjusted his roping and mentality to become competitive at the top levels of tie-down roping.

This event crossover episode lines out the ways that tie-down and breakaway ropers must adjust their loops, riding and more to be successful in team roping and calf roping. Bray discusses how he’s been breaking into the tie-down space and what his goals are in the future in both events. This episode not only focuses on the technical aspects that cause the events to differ, but Bray also discusses how he manages competing in two events when he’s on the road and the mental obstacles that come along with the balance.

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