The JJ Way

JJ Hampton shares the technical and mental skills that have helped her stay on top in breakaway roping for over 20 years.

No. 1 Circuit Standings Leaders Heading Into Summer Season

JJ Hampton is one of the most dominating female ropers of all time. Period.

Whether it’s her 18 world championships, wicked fast throws or her contagious energy that you know her by, you know JJ.

In this episode of The Breakaway Breakdown, Hampton breaks down how she got started in the sport of breakaway roping and how she has managed to maintain dominance over the industry for a quarter of a century.

“At the end of the day, I’ve got to be JJ, and that’s good enough. Girls need to realize that. Be you, don’t try to be somebody else or it isn’t going to work out for you. Be you, and just get better.”

JJ Hampton

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During the episode, Hampton talks through what was going through her mind during this iconic moment in breakaway roping history, when she won the inaugural Reno Rodeo breakaway roping and didn’t try to contain her excitement. She recounts the before, during and aftermath and what this run meant for her career.

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