Bits on bits
3 of Sarah Angelone’s Top Breakaway Bits

To get the job done right, you need to use the right tools for the job.

Sarah Angelone and Danielle Lowman stand next to a rack of breakaway bits
New series alert! had the privilege to shoot with Sarah Angelone and Danielle Lowman. In this series, the ladies talk about bits, ropes, the fundamentals and more!

As a trainer and competitor, Sarah Angelone has an impressive collection of bits for breakaway roping. In this exclusive, Angelone breaks down some of her favorite bits and when and why she uses them.

title card for Breakaway Bits and Headgear with Sarah Angelone
Watch the full video here.

3. Short-Shank Snaffle with Leather Curb

Sarah Angelone holding snaffle bit
Watch the full video here.

“When I buy a horse or get a new one in, I’ll ride them in a short-shank snaffle with a leather curb just to feel them out. And I will ride my finished horses in this sometimes just to take it easy on them and let them have something real light and simple in their mouth.”

2. Kerry Kelley Short-Shank Hinge Port

Sarah Angelone holding her favorite breakaway bit: a Kerry Kelley short shank slow twist hinge port
Watch the full video here.

“The next bit I start using is this Kerrey Kelley hinge port. This has got a slow twist on it, but it’s one of my favorite bits. I ride it on everything. I also have one that has smooth bars, and I like that a lot too, but I always find myself grabbing this bit when I’m going from a snaffle to a port bit. I like short shanks, especially on the younger horses when we’re starting off.”

2. Short-Shank Port with Roller

Sarah Angelone holding roller bit
Watch the full video here.

“This is a bit that I use on Wilma if the setup’s longer. She’s kind of a busy dragon, so she plays with the roller. I ride all short-shank stuff; she doesn’t like a bit very much, so the shorter the better, and a leather curb too.”

(Bonus!) Long-Shank Ported Chain

Sarah Angelone holding bit from her collection
Watch the full video here.

“This ported chain is one of my favorites. It’s light but still effective and there’s nothing rough or sharp on it. But the shanks are a little longer so you have a little more control and feel with it. If I get a horse that’s kind of stiff or not wanting to be super responsive, and they aren’t responding to a short shank or straight bars, I’ll put this on them.”

This is just a peek at Sarah Angelone’s bit collection. Watch the full video of her favorite breakaway bits only on

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