Hope Thompson tips on breaking down your breakaway run to make roping as simple as possible.

The breakaway roping is a timed event, and it’s gotten really fast. When it’s set up that fast a lot of us want to get in a hurry to try and be fast. I feel like that is what get’s us in a speed-jam. I like to break it down into steps. I like to score, because there’s no anticipation, ride my horse out and then find the calf with my rope. Here’s how:

The Score

I can’t anticipate because it’s so important to hit the start. I have to sit there, be strong in my core, have weight on my feet, so that when I see whatever the start is I can react and ask my horse out of the box. 

Ride Your Horse 

Then I want to ride to the calf. All I mean by that is I’m not going to chase. I’m going to ride. My horse runs a lot faster than I’m going to chase with my rope. I want to ride my horse out of the box aggressively all the way to the calf. 

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Find the Calf

I want to find the calf with my rope. I’m going to pick my rope up and set it to where I feel the tip at the end of my hand and my tip is pointing to my target. I don’t want to have to pick my rope up really fast with no target and then have to change it when I see the calf. I want to pick my rope up and immediately swing it to the calf.