Too often, I see people swinging too fast—something that actually slows your runs down. I teach to score first, then ride your horse, letting your horse bring your rope up leaving the box. Here's how to tune yourself up to be sure you're being smooth to be fast:

Body Position

You'll want to be to the front of your saddle. I'm not saying leaning, but the point is to ride your saddle out of the box. It really is as simple as that. You want your weight in your strips, on the balls of your feet. I've heard Trevor Brazile say it a lot: Just ride the saddle. 

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Stay with Your Horse

People nod and swing and try to get ahead of their horse, but when the horse takes off, it overpowers you, shooting you out the back of your saddle. You might see guys like Tyler Wade at the NFR nod and swing, but in any other situation, they ride their horses first then swing. It just comes down to this: Let your horse bring you with him out of the box, because if you don't your first swing won't have any power anyway. BRJ