Relentless Insights
Roping The Dummy From Different Positions
Dummy Roping Drill: Keeping Your Horse Square
Lari Dee Guy demonstrates leg positioning by guiding the leg of a mounted rider
Difficult, Dodgy Calf? Good Horsemanship is Key
How Should You Measure and Cut Your Breakaway Rope?
Reeling the Calf In Versus Chasing the Calf
Lari Dee Guy Favorite Breakaway Dummy Drill
Lari Dee Guy's Favorite Breakaway Dummy Drill
How Can I Improve My Roping Stance?
How Can I Improve My Dummy Roping Stance?
The Breakaway Roper’s Target
The Breakaway Roper's Target
The Secret To Reaching
The Secret to Reaching
Where Does A Breakaway Roper’s Momentum Come From?
Where Does a Breakaway Roper's Momentum Come From?
Why Am I Roping My Calf Around The Eyes? Relentless Insights Lari Dee Guy
Why Am I Roping My Calf Around the Eyes?
Breakaway Basics: Loop, Spoke And Coil Size
Breakaway Basics: Loop, Spoke and Coil Size
Not Woodrow the Pony: Just For Kicks: Lari Dee Guy, Trevor Brazile And Woodrow The Pony
Just for Kicks: Lari Dee Guy, Trevor Brazile and Woodrow the Pony
Macy Young made six runs and more than $20,000 at the 2024 BFI.
BFI Champion Macy Young's 'Catch' Mindset, Practice Ponies and More on The Breakdown Podcast
Sydnie Romero and "Shady" run one down at the 2024 Hooey Jr. Patriot.
Can't keep her down
Warrior at The Patriot: Sydnie Romero Ropes Through the Pain, Aims for WCRA and ProRodeo Future
Sarah Morrissey may have dropped her reins, but that didn't keep her from winning the 2024 High Desert Stampede in Redmond, Oregon.
Guess who's back, back again
Sarah Morrissey’s Rodeo Return Emphasized with High Desert Stampede Win
Makayla Boisjoli has a strong weekend of ProRodeo competition, qualifying for the Calgary Stampede and winning the Clark County Fair & Rodeo.
Winning across the West
Makayla Boisjoli Cleans Up in Salina, Logandale: Plus Everything Else You Missed this Weekend
Alli Masters leads the 2024 San Angelo Stock Show & Rodeo early on two head.
First time for everything
First Ever! San Angelo Stock Show & Rodeo Breakaway Rundown
Cheree Caudle currently sits No. 7 in the breakaway Resistol Rookie of the Year race with $3,640 earned.
Job ✅ ProRodeo ✅ Mom ✅
Cheree Caudle Breaks Into Resistol Rookie Ranks at 30 Years Old