Make sure you catch 100% of your shots by mastering your dummy roping positioning.

In this Smarty instructional video, Shelby Boisjoli demonstrates roping from different positions while on the ground using her Smarty JR Sidekick.

“Wherever it is that you like to rope from, that’s where your horse needs to run to every time. To me, you need to be 100% from that spot. I’m huge on using my horse and I use my Smarty training tools to make sure that my horse goes to that spot every single time. On the ground, I’ll rope a lot of calves from that spot where I train my horse to go to because a lot of money is won running all the way to the calf and being able to rope the neck 100% of the time. So we need to make sure that we’re able to pick our spots wherever you’re most comfortable from and make sure that you can catch the dummy almost 100% of the time from that.”

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