Author: Donene Taylor

You Can’t Read The Label When You’re Inside The Jar
You Can’t Read the Label When You’re Inside the Jar
Donene Taylor's explanation on getting outside your comfort zone, ask questions, be honest, and more.
Sludging Through The Slump
Sludging Through the Slump
Take the option of “Sludging Through the Slump” OFF THE TABLE!
Elbow Grease, Grit, Gratitude, And Grace
Elbow Grease, Grit, Gratitude, and Grace
Donene Taylor's explanation of what champions are made of.
Doing vs. Trying: Knowing the Difference to Achieve your Bold Goals
Learning the difference between doing and trying.
Are You Keeping Score?
What’s On Your Scoreboard with Donene Taylor.
Will You Pass the Test?
The goal is to keep passing the “test” that is handed to you by using mantras.
Own Your Worth In and Out of the Arena
Donene Taylor's secrets on owning you worth and be committed to being the captain of your own life in...
Why You Need A Coach
A good coach gives you an edge in performing your best, when it matters the most.
Did You Take the Bait?
Getting sidetracked by distraction can slow down your progress, increase frustration, or contribute to...
The purpose of writing a Confidence Resume is to showcase YOU—TO YOU!
THE ONE THING: Change Your Words, Change Your Mindset
WPRA World Champion and Professional Author and Speaker Donene Taylor discusses a key philosophy from...
“Know Better, Do Better”
WPRA World Champion Donene Taylor discusses a key philosophy from her book, Heart of a Champion.
Donene Taylor: The "Yes, AND" Mantra
In the first edition of our series with WPRA World Champion and Mental Performance Coach Donene Taylor,...