Futurity Q&A with Jackie Crawford

Jackie Crawford entered WB Stormys Gin Spill “Tonic” in the ARHFA’s heading for the second year in a row, cashing a check in the intermediate heading.

Jackie Crawford and "Tonic" pause behind the arena at the 2023 ARHFA
Jackie Crawford and "Tonic" pause behind the arena at the 2023 ARHFA. Photo courtesy of Crawford

Jackie Crawford competed in her second American Rope Horse Futurity Association Oct. 18-21, 2023, in Fort Worth, cutting herself a $2,000 check on gelding WB Stormys Gin Spill, known as “Tonic.”

Between ProRodeo breakaway roping full time, seasoning the next generation of breakaway horses, being a mom to Journey and preparing for the heading futurity, Crawford has plenty to keep her busy. Despite the time crunch, The Breakaway Roping Journal visited with Crawford between go rounds to hear why she prioritizes this team roping futurity.

BRJ: What keeps you coming back to team roping futurities?

JC: Futurities are fun for a change of pace after the summer. It’s fun because of the young horse deal, the team roping, the heading. I love the scoring aspect of futurities. Because I can’t compete with the guys on time, right? But I can a horse to do a lot of things that’s going to be competitive. I love the judging portion.

How did you feel coming into the 2023 ARHFA World Championship?

The ARHFA is one of those things that was hard for me to get ready for last year, and honestly, my horse is not that much further along now.

What’s the one “Jackie” trait you want your futurity horses to have?

My biggest thing for these horses is for them to be very quiet and relaxed in the box. I’m not saying [Tonic] is going to stay held together through all three runs, but that’s my priority.

Are you going to be coming back next year?

I do think after this year‑even though Tonic has another year of eligibility‑I’m going to sell him. As long as I’m rodeoing and trying to breakaway rope, I want to be committed to that.

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