The 5 Jackie Crawford Videos You Need to Watch

Come fangirl over 20-time World Champion Jackie Crawford with us.

Jackie crawford rides palomino mare Hail Mary
Jackie Crawford aboard mare "Hail Mary." Photo by Phil Kitts

Jackie Crawford is one of the most recognizable faces in the breakaway game, known for her skill, horsepower, wisdom and, perhaps most importantly, her kindness.

Revisit some of her best moments on camera with The Breakaway Roping Journal and get ready to be inspired by the incredible energy she brings to the table.

5. Practice paying off at the 2023 FWSSR

@breakawayropingjournal @jackiecrawford20x at @fwssr. 🔥🔥 #FWSSR #ProRodeo #BreakawayRoping #JackieCrawford run footage courtesy FWSSR. #Roping #Cowgirl #RodeoTok ♬ W sound – eflchamptalk_🐐

Crawford earned a total of $3,760 at the 2023 Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo, advancing to—and winning—the wild card round.

Read about Crawford’s new time management skills on the rodeo trail in 2023 and how she does it all.

4. Cashing a $600K check at the 2023 American Rodeo 🤑

@breakawayropingjournal That $600K feeling. 🔥 @jackiecrawford20x is your 2023 Champion of #TheAmericanRodeo. #BreakawayRoping #Rodeo #Cowgirl #Roping #RopeLikeAGirl #FemaleAthlete #JackieCrawford ♬ Do It Like A Girl – Morgan St. Jean

Crawford became the first breakaway roper to carve a piece of the $1 million pie at the 2023 American Rodeo, splitting the prize with calf roper Ty Harris and garnering an additional $100,000 for winning the breakaway.

3. “If you want something bad enough, you will do it. I don’t care what your circumstances are.” —Jackie Crawford

@breakawayropingjournal We cant stop reliving @jackiecrawford20x ‘s #TheAmericanRodeo win. Footage and edit by @coleharriss. #BreakawayRoping #RodeoTok #Cowgirl #JackieCrawford #Roping ♬ JackieCrawford_byColeHarris – The Breakaway Roping Journal

When you’ve been in the game as long as Crawford, wisdom comes a little easier. She knows both the highs and the lows of rodeo, missing the 2022 NFBR by a few spots and rising again to secure her qualification in 2023.

Crawford says her left hand is the key to winning or losing in breakaway roping. How does she focus on controlling it in a breakaway run?

2. Did you know breakaway ropers like Crawford can be ambitious? 😱

@breakawayropingjournal Replying to @ajswenson Jackie’s face said it best….sit down, shut up, we know. 🤘🙄 #BreakawayRoping #HatersGonnaHate #RodeoTok #RopingTok #RopeLikeAGirl ♬ Little Girl Gone – CHINCHILLA

Alright, this comment wasn’t directed at Crawford, it was in reference to a prior video where The Breakaway Roping Journal pushed back on a sexist claim. Fear not, though, we’re confident that Crawford would have approved of this clapback.

1. Journey Crawford is the real star

@breakawayropingjournal Nothing like @Jackie Crawford , Journey Crawford and Hail Mary going full #CowgirlBarbie at @Cowboy Capital Pro Rodeo 🥹💕 We’re covering #WomenInRodeoMonth all September long thanks to @Mane ‘n Tail 💅 #BreakawayRoping #JackieCrawford #Rodeo #WPRA #Barbie ♬ original sound – Solo Select

Miss Journey runs the show no matter where she goes, from Stephenville, Texas, (where this was taken) to Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Breakaway Roper’s Practice Pen Rule number one? Only one breakaway roper practicing at a time, says 2020 World Champion Crawford. Here’s why.

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