This Breakaway Roper’s Time Management Guide

Jackie Crawford is employing new breakaway roper time management skills on the rodeo trail in 2023. Here's how she manages it all.

Jackie Crawford
Jackie Crawford rides out of the arena after winning the WRWC heeling title.

I told you all that last year was a struggle with managing my time, and I’ve been seeing results in 2023 based on some changes to my time-management on the rodeo trail.

Here’s what’s getting done:

  1. Mom Time. While I was in California, my kids got to go to the zoo and the jump park, and we’ve even had birthday parties on the road. We’ve gone to Walmart a lot, too—Creed’s favorite thing.
  2. FitnessMy second priority has been working out. I have to stay strong and get stronger. That will help me throughout the year, and on the road I’ve been committed to that.
  3. PracticeI was able to make time to practice while I was on the road this winter and spring, and it paid off. I’ve been making the competitive part of my game a priority. Like I told you last year, when I was practicing on the road, my head wasn’t really in the game—I was taking phone calls, worrying about sponsors and business, everything but roping. This year, it’s all about keeping my head in the game with what I’m working on at the time.

Here’s what’s not getting done: My taxes. (Kidding, sort of…) But we did go to the mall and buy a Pink Jeep for Journey, and that’s the stuff that counts.

An important element to all of this—the people I’m around are on my team, and they have the same goals I have. They’ve got a growth mindset—for themselves, for me and for my kids. Cheyenne Brittain, Hope Thompson and now Lari Dee Guy are in the rig with me, and they love my kids like their own. Plus, they are process-driven and goal-minded, and that makes all the difference.