Yes, Your Choice of Life Partner Matters in Roping (and in Everything Else)

Jackie Crawford has been married to 10-time National Finals Rodeo header Charly Crawford since 2017.

World Champion Breakaway Roper Jackie Crawford and husband Charly Crawford checking breakaway ropes at the 2021 National Finals of Breakaway Roping.
Photo Credit: Jamie Arviso Photo

They say your tribe affects your vibe. Your partner affects your daily mentality in so many ways. It’s so important to have someone on your team. He’s pulling for me to be as successful as I want to be—if not more. It’s so important to have someone in your corner. And it’s a choice you cannot afford to take lightly.

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Positive Talk. If I say something negative, Charly is the first one to build me back up and make me give as much credit to myself as anyway.

Calling Me Out. Charly is the first one to call me out on just about everything. He isn’t always saying what I want to hear. But he holds me accountable for my preparations, my mental game, my horses—wherever I’m lacking. I have to have someone who isn’t going to make excuses. He keeps me not so prideful. I do pretty good on the positive side, but to have someone there with realism to keep me balanced, that’s the truth of it. You have to have a balance.

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Training. We wish me had more time to stop and watch each other. But yesterday, we stopped for five minutes and he watched me, and we filmed it and critiqued it. We’re always bouncing ideas and thoughts about horses off each other, and it really helps up both of our games when we can manage to make it happen.

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