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1.76 Seconds! Marybeth Beam Blasts Bad Luck, Competition in Round 2 at 2024 WCRA Stampede At the E

Marybeth Beam wasted no time shaking things up to find her mojo again—and it worked in Round 2 of the WCRA Stampede at the E.

Marybeth Beam cheers following her blazing 1.74-second run.
Marybeth Beam cheers following her blazing 1.74-second run. Photo by Bullstock Media courtesy WCRA

With a blazing time of 1.76 seconds, young gun Marybeth Beam set the standard from the third hole in Progressive Round 2 and left the rest chasing at the 2024 WCRA Stampede At the E.

For the win, Beam earned $1,500 and a place in the Stampede At the E short round on Saturday, Jan. 6, 2024.

“To come back and win feels amazing—I missed both of my calves in the qualifying rounds, I did awful last night and bounced back tonight,” Beam, 19, said. “It really boosts my confidence. My goal tonight was to go fast. The don’t call me gunslinger for no reason. I knew I had to win the round to advance, and I had a pretty decent calf. I wanted to see a step and chunk my line at him.”

Chunk her line she did—swinging once in the box, once across the barrier (which she pushed for all it was worth) and throwing at her Charolais-cross calf.

“I love the WCRA for the opportunities they give us young kids to show the talent we have. I’ve been able to rope against Kelsie, Martha, Jackie and Jordan for a while now, and to rope and come up with [the young crowd] Rylie Edens and Rylie Romero. It’s a big blessing.” – Marybeth Beam

Praises for Peanut

Beam swapped out her usual mount Playn Spades, known as “Spike,” for 10-year-old VVR Sly Shooter Levi, called “Peanut.”

“He’s never been in a place this big so I am super proud of him,” Beam said. “He loves attention. Cookies and anything to eat. I am super proud of him.”

To beat her bad luck streak from the first two days at the Stampede At the E, Beam decided she was changing everything from her spurs and belt to her trademark pink boots and horse.

“It worked tonight,” Beam said. “I am super excited.”

Beam is set to rope in the DY Showcase before the short round starts Saturday night at 7:30 p.m., where the winner will take $15,000.

WCRA Stampede At the E Breakaway Progressive Round 2 Results

1MaryBeth Beam1.74$1,500
2Martha Angelone2.33$1,000
3Bleu Hall2.49$750
4Jordan Jo Hollabaugh2.5$350
5Josey James2.93
6Jackie Crawford3.22
7Kelsie Domer3.8
8Catherine Clayton3.91
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