kelsie Domer Wins Wrwc Through Last Chance Qualifier
Meant to Be: Kelsie Domer Wins WRWC Through Last Chance Qualifier
Kelsie Domer earned the 2023 Women’s Rodeo World Championship (WRWC) Breakaway title on Saturday, May...
kelsie Domer Wins Wrwc Through Last Chance Qualifier
Harley Pryor and Kinlie Brennise Top the WRWC Preliminary Rounds Ahead of Semifinals
The 14- and 22-year-olds took home the top aggregate spots and lead the field headed into the WRWC Semifinals....
Danielle Lowman roping her breakaway calf in 1.61 seconds.
Dani Lowman Stuns with 1.61, Romero Has Arrived: WRWC Round 1 Recap
Danielle "Dani" Lowman stretched the barrier rope to clock a 1.61-second time in Round 1 of the Women's...
Martha Angelone poses with her 2023 Rodeo Corpus Christi surfboard. Image courtesy WCRA by Bull Stock Media.
Icing on the Birthday Cake: Martha Angelone Crowned Rodeo Corpus Christi Champ
Martha Angelone rang in her 28th year with the 2023 Rodeo Corpus Christi win, a new surfboard and $15,000.
Catherine Clayton roping her Progressive Round calf to advance to WCRA Rodeo Corpus Christi Showdown Round.
Going for It: Catherine Clayton Advances to 2023 Rodeo Corpus Christi Showdown Round
Catherine Clayton took an all-or-nothing approach May 12, 2023, to advance to the WCRA Rodeo Corpus Christi...
Kerstin Freeman was all smiles after roping her Progressive Round calf in 1.74 seconds. Image courtesy WCRA by Bull Stock Media.
Kerstin Freeman Makes Her Mark on Rodeo Corpus Christi in 2023
16-year-old Kerstin Freeman has been in the Rodeo Corpus Christi Progressive Round before. In 2023, she...
Alee Andrews was all smiles after winning the first Progressive Round performance at WCRA Rodeo Corpus Christi.
Alee Andrews' Hot Streak Continues at Rodeo Corpus Christi
16-year-old Alee Andrews is on a winning streak, and she just added a WCRA Rodeo Corpus Christi Progressive...
Jackie Crawford Crowned Rodeo Corpus Christi Champion & Collects $16.6k Payday
How to Watch the WCRA's Rodeo Corpus Christi and Track Results
The first stop of the WCRA’s 2023 Triple Crown kicks off May 09 in with Rodeo Corpus Christi, and here’s...
Rylie Romero Gears Up For Wrwc As #1 Challenger
Rylie Romero Gears Up for WRWC as #1 Challenger
For the last few months, the chase to be number one on the Challenger Leaderboard for the Women’s Rodeo...
Fearless Phenom Harley Pryor’s Journey To Success
WCRA CINCH World Championship Junior Rodeo Entries are Now Open
WCRA Division Youth announced that entries are now open for the Cinch World Championship Junior Rodeo...
Hope Thompson about to rope at the Womens Rodeo World Championship
Professional Ropers and Challengers Announced for Women's Rodeo World Championship
The Women's Rodeo World Championship has announced the top 20 breakaway ropers in both the Professional...
Rodeo Corpus Christi Hosts The First Stop Of 2023 Triple Crown Of Rodeo
Who Made the 2023 WCRA Rodeo Corpus Christi Cut?
With the WCRA's Rodeo Corpus Christi nomination period closed now is the time to see which breakaway...
Marybeth Beam breakaway roping World Champions Rodeo Alliance
What is the WCRA and How Can Breakaway Ropers Capitalize? (Part 1)
Everybody's talking about the World Champions Rodeo Alliance, but what is this elusive association, and...
Brylee Braden Tops Wrwc Challenger Leaderboard
College Athlete Brylee Braden Tops Women’s Rodeo World Championships Challenger Standings
Brylee Braden clearly remembers the moment when roping became her prime focus. The Horatio, Arkansas,...
Kyla Matthews breakaway roping at the IFR in Guthrie, Oklahoma.
International Professional Rodeo Association is All Aboard the Instant Replay Train
The IPRA announced March 20, 2023, that they will implement Instant Replay Review Challenge (IRRC) for...
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