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Tacy Kay Webb Takes Rodeo Austin 2024: Full Breakaway Roping Results

What breakaway ropers need to know about Rodeo Austin to stay in the loop.

Tacy Kay Webb wins Rodeo Austin 2024 with a 7.6 on three head.
Photo by James Phifer

Tacy Webb is the second-ever Rodeo Austin Champion, roping in 2.3 seconds on Saturday night to seal her aggregate victory with three head roped in 7.3 seconds.

Webb won both the finals and the aggregate, earning a total of $9,453. The Rodeo Austin win should put her inside the Top 10 in the World Standings with approximately $24,700 won.

Find full Rodeo Austin 2024 breakaway results below.

2024 Rodeo Austin Breakaway Roping Results

First round: 1. Rylee A George, 1.80 seconds, $4,317; 2. Samantha Fulton, 2.10, $3,754; 3. (tie) Willow Wilson, Jill Tanner and Erin Johnson, 2.20, $2,628 each; 6. (tie) Rickie Fanning and Josey Murphy, 2.40, $1,220 each; 8. Shelby Boisjoli-Meged, 2.50, $375. 

Second round: 1. Danielle Lowman, 1.50 seconds, $4,317; 2. Hali Williams, 1.80, $3,754; 3. (tie) Taylor Munsell, Joey Williams and Kendal Pierson, 2.10, $2,628 each; 6. Willow Wilson, 2.20, $1,501; 7. (tie) Tacy Webb, Sarah Angelone and KC-Gail Churchill, 2.30, $438 each.

Finals: 1. Tacy Webb, 2.20 seconds, $2,000; 2. Taylor Munsell, 2.30, $1,500; 3. Shelby Boisjoli-Meged, 2.90, $1,000; 4. Beau Peterson, 3.50, $500. 

Average: 1. Tacy Webb, 7.60 seconds on three head, $6,475; 2. Taylor Munsell, 7.90, $5,630; 3. Shelby Boisjoli-Meged, 8.00, $4,786; 4. Beau Peterson, 9.40, $3,941; 5. Lari Dee Guy, 18.10, $3,097; 6. Willow Wilson, 4.40 on two head, $2,252; 7. Sarah Angelone, 5.50, $1,408; 8. Josie Conner, 5.80, $563.

Rodeo Austin Breakaway Roping Results by day: March 9

1Jill Tanner2.2
2Josey Murphy2.4
3Bradi GoodNo Time
4Madison OuthierNo Time
5Shaylee TerryNo Time
6Shayla HallNo Time
7Sammy TaylorNo Time
8Codie BowenNo Time

March 10

1Shayla Hall3.0
2Sammy Taylor11.7
3Bradi Good12.1
4Codie Bowen12.5
Jill TannerNo Time
Shaylee TerryNo Time
Josey MurphyNo Time
Madison OuthierNo Time

March 11

1Willow Wilson2.2
2Erin Johnson2.2
Maddy DeermanNo Time
Madalyn RichardsNo Time
Addie WeilNo Time
Kendal PiersonNo Time
Cheyanne McCartneyNo Time
Macy YoungNo Time

March 12

1Kendal Pierson2.1
2Willow Wilson2.2
3Maddy Deerman2.5
4Macy Young11.9
5Madalyn Richards12.3
Cheyanne McCartneyNo Time
Addie WeilNo Time
Erin JohnsonNo Time

March 13

1Cadee Williams2.6
2Jenna Fulton2.7
3Tayler Felton11.9
4KC-Gail Churchill12.9
Bailey BatesNo Time
Jade MitchellNo Time
Chloe LambertNo Time

March 14

1KC-Gail Churchill2.3
2Bailey Bates3.4
3Cadee Williams4.2
4Tayler Felton11.8
5Chloe Lambert12.2
6Jenna Fulton12.3
Jade MitchellNo Time

March 15

1Samantha Fulton2.1
2Rickie Fanning2.4
3Hannah Hughes2.7
4Beau Peterson2.9
5Tacy Webb3.1
6Taylor Munsell3.5
7Jordi Edens12.0
Cassidy BoggsNo Time

March 16

1Taylor Munsell2.1
2Tacy Webb2.3
3Beau Peterson3.0
Jordi EdensNo Time
Hannah HughesNo Time
Cassidy BoggsNo Time
Samantha FultonNo Time
Rickie FanningNo Time

March 17

1Rylee George1.8
2Sawyer Gilbert2.9
3Tiffany Schieck3.0
3Lari Dee Guy3.0
Kelsie DomerNo Time
Alex LoiselleNo Time
Christi BraudrickNo Time

March 18

1Lari Dee Guy3.2
2Kelsie Domer4.5
3Sawyer Gilbert12.2
Tiffany SchieckNo Time
Rylee GeorgeNo Time
Christi BraudrickNo Time
Alex LoiselleNo Time

March 19

1Shelby Boisjoli-Meged2.5
2Sarah Angelone3.2
3Jackie Crawford3.7
4McKaitlin McKee11.8
Nikayla BrillNo Time
JJ HamptonNo Time
Joey WilliamsNo Time
Danielle LowmanNo Time
Hope ThompsonNo Time
Nicole BaggarleyNo Time

March 20

Danielle Lowman cheers after roping in 1.5 seconds at Rodeo Austin 2024, breaking the previous arena record of 1.8 seconds. Photo by James Phifer
Danielle Lowman cheers after roping in 1.5 seconds at Rodeo Austin 2024, breaking the previous arena record of 1.8 seconds. Photo by James Phifer
1Danielle Lowman1.5 ARENA RECORD
2Joey Williams2.1
3Sarah Angelone2.3
4Shelby Boisjoli-Meged2.6
5Jackie Crawford2.7
6Nicole Baggarley3.0
7Hope Thompson3.9
8JJ Hampton12.5
McKaitlin McKeeNo Time
Nikayla BrillNo Time

Can you read @Danielle Lowman’s lips? She says she’s about to go 1.5 seconds at Rodeo Austin (and break the 1.8 second arena record!) Joking…. But how far off could we be? 🤷🏽‍♀️ Loman’s been on a hot streak recently, and we’re following her every win thanks to @Top Hand Ropes Footage by @The Cowboy Channel

♬ GOAT – Bazanji

March 21

1Josie Conner3.2
2Martha Angelone3.4
3Jayden Gould4.2
4Hali Williams4.7
5Hailee Lowman12.9
 Carly ChristianNo Time
 Zoie BedkeNo Time
 Kassidy DennisonNo Time

March 22

1Hali Williams1.8
2Carly Christian2.4
3Josie Conner2.6
4Martha Angelone2.9
Kassidy DennisonNo Time
Hailee LowmanNo Time
Jayden GouldNo Time
Zoie BedkeNo Time

FINALS: March 23

1Tacy Webb2.2
2Taylor Munsell2.3
3Shelby Boisjoli-Meged2.9
4Beau Peterson3.5
5Lari Dee Guy11.9
Josie ConnerNo Time
Sarah AngeloneNo Time
Willow WilsonNo Time

2024 Rodeo Austin Dates

March 8–23, 2024

Where is Rodeo Austin Held?

9100 Decker Lake Rd, Austin, TX 78724

Rodeo Austin Parking

Public parking is $20 per vehicle. Both cash and credit card are accepted.

Rodeo Austin Breakaway Roping Champions

In 2023, Sawyer Gilbert became the first-ever breakaway champion at Rodeo Austin.

How to Watch 2024 Rodeo Austin

Rodeo Austin Concert Lineup

  • March 9: William Clark Green
  • March 10: La Fiera de Ojinaga
  • March 11: Sawyer Brown
  • March 12: Gary Allan
  • March 13: Ashley McBryde
  • March 14: Lukas Nelson
  • March 15: William Beckmann
  • March 16: Jamey Johnson
  • March 17: Los Huracanes Del Norte
  • March 18: Tracy Byrd
  • March 19: Wynonna Judd
  • March 20: 38 Special
  • March 21: Jake Owen
  • March 22: Flatland Cavalry
  • March 23: Aaron Watson

Rodeo Austin live music schedule, information and tickets.

Rodeo Austin Clear Bag Policy

Rodeo Austin does not restrict the size of bags allowed and does NOT enforce a clear bag policy for Rodeo Austin events.

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