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2024 RodeoHouston Concert Lineup

Plan a trip to RodeoHouston for breakaway roping action and a concert lineup unlike any other rodeo.

Find the complete 2024 RodeoHouston concert lineup here, and when the best times to come to the rodeo are.
Find the complete 2024 RodeoHouston concert lineup here, and when the best times to come to the rodeo are. Photo courtesy RodeoHouston

Following the RodeoHouston breakaway roping (and other rodeo events) the Houston Rodeo has a fun afterparty every night with all-star concert lineup including 50 Cent, Hank Williams Jr. and Jelly Roll.

Find the full concert lineup right here, plus the best nights to go see the rodeo according to the tournament format.

When is the best time to go to RodeoHouston?

As RodeoHouston progresses, the competition will get tougher and tougher. The rodeo uses a tournament-style format they call the Super Series.

There are 40 top competitors going head-to-head in each events. Now, here’s the breakdown: the series is split into five parts, each with three rounds, and there are nine contestants in each round.

Now, the real action starts when the nine contestants are whittled down to the top four and move on to one of the two Semifinals. From there, it’s a race to the championship for the top four from each Semifinal.

The six remaining competitors from each Semifinal get another shot in the two Wildcard rounds. Only the top dog from each Wildcard moves forward to the Championship.

In the Championship, it’s a showdown with 10 athletes giving it their all. And here’s the kicker: the top four in each event get one more ride in the Shootout Round for $50,000.

Who’s breakaway roping at RodeoHouston?

Find the breakaway roping athlete schedule and Super Series format below.

RodeoHouston Concert Schedule

Tuesday, Feb. 27 – Blake Shelton

Wednesday, Feb. 28 – Carly Pearce

Thursday, Feb. 29 — for King + Country

Friday, Mar. 1 — 50 Cent

Saturday, Mar. 2 — Hardy

Sunday, Mar. 3 — Ivan Cornejo

Monday, Mar. 4 — Hank Williams Jr.

Hank Williams Jr. is known for his legendary status in country music and electrifying live performances that pay homage to his father’s legacy while showcasing his own unique style. With his timeless hits and dynamic stage presence, Hank Williams Jr. delivers a show that celebrates the roots of country music.

Tuesday, Mar. 5 — Oliver Anthony

Wednesday, Mar. 6 — Jelly Roll

Fans are drawn to Jelly Roll’s concerts for his raw, emotionally charged lyrics and dynamic stage presence that creates an unforgettable live experience. With his powerful storytelling and infectious energy, Jelly Roll delivers a performance that resonates deeply with audiences.

Thursday, Mar. 7 — Luke Bryan

See Luke Bryan in concert for his high-energy performances that blend country music with elements of rock and pop, creating an electrifying atmosphere. His charismatic stage presence and connection with the audience make for an unforgettable live experience.

Friday, Mar. 8 — Major Lazer

Saturday, Mar. 9 — Lainey Wilson

Fans flock to see Lainey Wilson in concert for her authentic storytelling through heartfelt country music, evoking emotions and connecting deeply with her audience. With her powerful vocals and genuine stage presence, Lainey Wilson’s performances offer a captivating and intimate experience that resonates long after the show ends.

Sunday, Mar. 10 — Los Tigres Del Norte

Monday, Mar. 11 — Whiskey Myers

Fans are drawn to see Whiskey Myers in concert for their electrifying blend of Southern rock, country, and blues, creating a raw and gritty sound that resonates with audiences. With their high-octane performances and soulful lyrics, Whiskey Myers concerts offer an immersive experience that transports fans to the heart of American music heritage.

Tuesday, Mar. 12 — Bun B

Wednesday, Mar. 13 — Nickleback

Thursday, Mar. 14 — Zac Brown Band

Zac Brown Band boasts a dynamic blend of country, rock, and jam band influences, creating a lively and engaging musical experience. With their impressive musicianship, heartfelt lyrics, and infectious energy, a Zac Brown Band concert promises a memorable night filled with sing-alongs and camaraderie.

Friday, Mar. 15 — Jonas Brothers

Nostalgia alert! The Jonas Brothers promise infectious pop melodies, high-energy performances, and hits that appeal to audiences of all ages. With their charismatic stage presence and crowd-pleasing repertoire, a Jonas Brothers concert promises an electrifying and memorable entertainment experience.

Saturday, Mar. 16 — Brad Paisley

Sunday, Mar. 17 — Eric Church

The RodeoHouston concert lineup is certainly a factor in planning a trip—but the breakaway action is certain to make every night worth it.

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