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Lari Dee Guy and ‘Rex’ Reap California Run Rewards with Clovis Win

Lari Dee Guy has won or placed at three major California rodeos in the last 3 years thanks to her love of the long score and horse "Rex" to get her there.

Lari Dee Guy relishes in the beautiful weather, long scores and time with friends that California brings.
Lari Dee Guy relishes in the beautiful weather, long scores and time with friends that California brings. Photo by Hailey Rae

Lari Dee Guy defeated a difficult week in California to win the Clovis Rodeo with a time of 14.4 seconds on four head, earning $6,222.

The win coupled with her $2,828 payday at the Clark County Fair & Rodeo in Logandale brings Guy’s California run total to $9,050, bumping her inside the top 20 in the world standings with $20,780 earned.

Clovis adds another figurative notch to Guy’s belt; becoming the third major California win the breakaway industry icon has taken in 3 years. (All thanks to her horse Rex, she adamantly adds.) In 2022 she won the Red Bluff Round-Up and finished No. 2 at the Oakdale Saddle Club Rodeo.

“I love the California run,” Guy, a nine-time WPRA World Champion said. “It’s almost like a mini vacation—you go to Logandale, Oakdale, Red Bluff and Clovis. It’s beautiful weather, you get to hang out with your friends, the setups are fun and you have a lot of down time out there that you don’t usually have when you’re rodeoing.”

The win comes on the heels of friend and hauling partner Hope Thompson’s Clovis barrier accident that left her with a separated shoulder and broken humerus in her right arm, casting a slight shadow on the pride that comes with a big win.

“We ran two in slack on Monday morning, and Hope won the first round, and I won second,” Guy recalled. “We came back and roped in reverse order, so I was down at the end getting my rope when she got hurt. Hope toughed it out, went to a roping school with me and stayed out here. She said ‘I’m staying out here to watch you win this thing.'”

With times of 2.9, 3.7, 3.5 and 4.3 seconds, Guy fulfilled Thompson’s plan. Behind her in the average was No. 2 in the World Standings Danielle Lowman and sophomore ProRodeo competitor Quincy Sullivan.

“I came out here with a goal to leave California with $10K won. I knew that would boost me in the standings and get me into certain rodeos. Getting this win in Clovis and placing Logandale has really helped.” – Lari Dee Guy

“The first run on the calves we were walking fresh, and as we put more runs on ’em they started taking off,” Guy said of the stout calves. “By the short go on Sunday, you knew they were going to take off but you still had to let them go through the gate. You knew you were going to run them down there. They were not right there.”

Good boy Rex

Guy’s decades-long ProRodeo career and 19-year-old gelding “Rex” meant that chasing a calf halfway down the arena to win the average was no sweat.

“I’ve had Rex 6 or 7 years, and he’s getting really good,” Guy said. “He’s a veteran. California is his game. He catches up really easy—runs to the calf.”

Rex’s papers.

Hear more from Lari Dee Guy on the California Run here ⤵️

2024 Clovis Rodeo breakaway results

First round: 1. Hope Thompson, 2.8 seconds, $1,640; 2. (tie) Lari Dee Guy and Macy Young, 2.9, $1,319 each; 4. (tie) Rylee A George and Chloe Lambert, 3.0, $891 each; 6. (tie) Hanna Hundsdorfer and Cheyanne McCartney, 3.1, $463 each; 8. (tie) Bailey Bates, Bailey Humphry and Hailey Wilbur, 3.2, $48 each. 

Second round: 1. (tie) Whitlee Burgess and Shayla Hall, 2.4 seconds, $1,533 each; 3. Jade Mitchell, 2.8, $1,212; 4. Taylor Munsell, 2.9, $998; 5. (tie) Hanna Hundsdorfer and Suzanne Williams, 3.0, $677 each; 7. Danielle Lowman, 3.1, $356; 8. Kate Branco, 3.2, $143. 

Third round: 1. Cheyanne McCartney, 2.7 seconds, $1,640; 2. Lari Dee Guy, 3.5, $1,426; 3. Maddie Biglow, 3.6, $1,212; 4. Shayla Hall, 3.8, $998; 5. Sienna Radelfinger, 3.9, $784; 6. Beth Hitchcock, 4.0, $570; 7. Gianna O’Day, 4.1, $356; 8. Quincy Sullivan, 4.2, $143. 

Finals: 1. (tie) Martha Angelone, Danielle Lowman, Sienna Radelfinger and Quincy Sullivan, 4.1 seconds, $852 each; 5. Samantha Fulton, 4.2, $356; 6. Lari Dee Guy, 4.3, $198. 

Average: 1. Lari Dee Guy, 14.4 seconds on four head, $3,279; 2. (tie) Danielle Lowman and Quincy Sullivan, 15.4, $2,638 each; 4. Sienna Radelfinger, 16.6, $1,996; 5. (tie) Samantha Fulton and Martha Angelone, 17.6, $1,355 each; 7. Cheyanne McCartney, 23.6, $713; 8. Hanna Hundsdorfer, 11.9 on three head, $285.

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