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$40K on WCRA: Harley Pryor Has WCRA, WRWC In Her Sights Thanks to HUGE Nominations at Patriot

We're not betting people, but if we were, we'd bet on 15-year-old Harley Pryor.

Harley Pryor came home with an eye-popping $40K earned at the 2024 Patriot. She nominated all of her winnings to either the WCRA or WRWC with big plans to earn even more.
Harley Pryor came home with an eye-popping $40K earned at the 2024 Patriot. She nominated all of her winnings to either the WCRA or WRWC with big plans to earn even more. Photo by Andersen C Bar C

Harley Pryor left the 2024 Hooey Jr. Patriot with $40,000 in checks and gave herself the chance to win even more by strategically nominating to the WCRA and WRWC.

The nominating is paying off, too, with Pryor’s calendar including events like the WCRA’s Rodeo Corpus Christi, Women’s Rodeo World Championship, WCRA Cinch World Championship Junior Rodeo and Rodeo Carolina.

At 15 years old, Pryor’s no stranger to competing in big arenas against ropers like peer-and-friend Martha Angelone. In 2022 she finished No. 3 at The American Rodeo and has netted World Championships at events like the Cinch World Championship Junior Rodeo in Guthrie.

Need to get to know Pryor? Read about her here.

Photo by Andersen C Bar C

So how did Pryor end up with $40,000 in winnings in less than a week at the Hooey Junior Patriot? Her journey began in the 15 and Under Breakaway Jackpot, where she totally struck out.

Harley Pryor’s Patriot

“The Patriot started off horrible,” Pryor said. “I was so out of timing with my horses and nothing was clicking. I had some mental breakdowns and stayed up late roping the dummy.”

Pryor called on Tanner Green and Tate Thomas for advice and roping practice, making rodeo-type runs late into the night with Thomas.

“I came back the next day and finished No. 4 in the Semifinals, and then the next day finished No. 2 in the finals behind Haiden Thompson,” Pryor said. “Haiden had a heck of a week. When you’re on a roll like that, you’re unstoppable. Me and her little sister are best friends so I was really happy for her. I wouldn’t want anyone to win it but her and I win second behind her.”

19 & Under Breakaway Jackpot

$2,000 in Round 2

19 & Under Breakaway SemiFinals

$2,000 in Round 2

$3,000 in Average

19 & Under Breakaway Finals

$35,000 in Finals

Find full 2024 Hooey Jr. Patriot Results here.

Harley Pryor’s WCRA and WRWC Strategy

The true star of Pryor’s nomination game is mom Leslie, who manages uses the apps and websites to nominate her events.

“I try to nominate all the youth events I enter to the WCRA,” Pryor explained. “I nominated all the 19 and Under at The Patriot, trying to stay No. 1 for Guthrie. Because they take the No. 1 seed to the top four.”

As of May 7, Pryor is still on top in the 2024 Cinch WCJR Junior Breakaway race, boasting 11,749 points—with peer Rylie Edens in hot pursuit with 11,130 points. Pryor is currently sitting No. 2 for the WCRA’s Rodeo Carolina event in October, too, behind Angelone.

Harley’s Summer 2024 Plans & Horses

As Pryor heads West from Moore Haven, Florida, for the WCRA Rodeo Corpus Christi DY Showcase, she’s excited about the opportunities available to her in Texas.

“I’ll be staying here over the summer,” Pryor said. “I am going to nominate everything I can to the WCRA, jackpot and compete in the UPRA and CPRA rodeos.”

On her trailer are horses both new and old.

HR Eatin Smart “Tick”

14-year-old sorrel “Tick” is a mainstay on Pryor’s team. Purchased in 2022, the stout gelding is adjustable enough for both long and short scores, but Pryor often pulls him out when more running is involved.

Model Cowgirl “Jolene”

A newer addition to Pryor’s rig is “Jolene,” who she’s been bringing along for about a year. “She’s just like Tick but she stops on all fours,” Pryor said. “She just bellies out—and she’s going to be good. I’ve finally started getting with her. She scores well and is going to be good for longer setups.”

MPH Docs Next Jewel “Jewel”

“Jewel” ought to be considered the queen bee of the hauling team. Pryor competed on Jewel at the 2022 American Rodeo, effectively catapulting her career into the limelight.

“Jewel’s been off for 2 years with two deep digital flexor tendons in her front feet,” Pryor said. “We did the surgery on her and she’s finally coming back. I owe her the world; she’s gotten me places most people couldn’t dream of.”

Keep up with Pryor’s winning ways and learn more about WCRA and WRWC personalities all year long on The Breakaway Roping Journal.

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