New Goat Tying Instructional Series Launches on with Stacey Martin

From the team behind and comes brand new, top-tier instructional content for goat tyers, starting with Next Level Goat Tying's Stacey Martin.

Stacey Martin explains the horse dismount in goat tying to this student.
BRJ File Photo.

Albuquerque, NM – From the team behind and comes brand new, top-tier instructional contentfor goat tyers, starting with Next Level Goat Tying’s Stacey Martin.

With the launch of this latest series, is giving goat tyers the content they deserve, plus a new way to cut time and improve their training.

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With more than 20 years of experience as a goat tying coach and horse trainer, Martin has developed a system that has produced winners at every level. As a classroom physics and chemistry teacher, she understands classroom management and is able to teach to different learning styles.

“With 20 years of instructing clinics and training thousands of athletes and their horses, we have broken down every aspect of a goat tying run and developed drills to help all levels of goat tyers make faster, safer and more consistent runs,” Martin said. “Next Level Goat Tying Clinics have produced champions at every level of competition, and we are excited to be able to share our knowledge and help develop the next generation of the sport we love.”

Martin’s teaching method breaks the sport into three parts: learning to compete (mental toughness), physical fitness and goat tying. She believes drills and slow work are paramount in developing the muscle memory required to be successful in rodeo. Martin’s students also practice in high-pressure situations such as relays and matches to prepare for competition days. Dismounting is another key aspect of the sport, so Martin helps students improve their horsemanship and work through any issues with their horses.

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“Goat tying is not the same event as it was 20 years ago,” Martin continued. “The horses, the dismounts, the groundwork and the stock have all changed. Today, you’ll see junior high girls time consistently in six seconds and college girls in under five seconds. I’m excited to share the process we teach in our clinics that helps girls take those precious tenths of a second off their runs and compete at the highest levels.

“A solid goat tying horse is essential to being competitive today,” Martin said. “While they look like they would be easy to train, there is a process to making a horse that you can trust, allowing you the opportunity to win every trip down the arena. We’re excited to share the process we use to train horses and fix issues—such as speeding up or moving right—with members so they can develop safe, fast dismounts.”

Stacey Martin of Next Level Goat Tying poses for a headshot in her cowboy hat.
Stacey Martin. BRJ File Photo.

This series is only the beginning. Breakaway ropers know what it’s like to be excluded—to put in the work for an event that the general public has never heard of. To practice for hours in the heat, get covered in dirt, rip countless pairs of jeans and blister your hands—not for the glory, not for the fame—because you love it. Goat tyers, has got you covered.

Watch Stacey Martin in the new goat tying series this spring, exclusively on

Learn today.

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Get access to the tool that’s helping top breakaway ropers and goat tyers fine tune their skills—subscribe today for just $29.99/month.

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