Breakaway’s Annual Speed Weekend: Kelsie Domer Clinches Old Fort Days Rodeo Title

Domer topped a field of 1-second times to win Fort Smith, Arkansas, while others blazed 1-second times roping across Texas and Oklahoma.

Kelsie Domer put together a sizzling 1.7-second run to win the Old Fort Days Rodeo in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Photo by Phil Kitts.

Kelsie Domer emerged victorious at the Old Fort Days Rodeo, clocking in at 1.7 seconds and leading the breakaway field in weekend earnings June 3–5, with $4,681 pocketed.

This marks Domer’s second win at the Fort Smith rodeo—the first was in 2021.

“Last year, I didn’t get to go because I was pregnant but, now, it has become a good little spot for me,” Domer, 32, said. “This year, I was in the slack and didn’t even have a rerun [calf]. I knew what my calf did from a girl’s video at a different rodeo, and I knew he was good. I tried to score well, make the best run possible, and it worked out.”

Domer was edged out of qualifying for the NFBR in 2022 due to time off to have baby girl Oaklynn Rae. Now, she’s hot on the rodeo trail with a $60,000-win at the 2023 Women’s Rodeo World Championship (not WPRA affiliated) to fuel her travels. With the Fort Smith victory, Domer moved from the 15th spot in WPRA standings to the top 10.

How do you rope in less than 2 seconds?

“The times are getting pretty wild, honestly,” Domer said. “This week, Hugo [Oklahoma] got fast, Mount Pleasant [Texas] got fast, and it’s crazy how anyone can do it. Used to, there was a handful of girls that you said, ‘Man, they’re fast.’ But now, it doesn’t matter who it is; when they nod their head, there is a chance. That’s what makes it so competitive and so fun to watch.”

With times trending lower in the breakaway arena, Domer has some tips for ropers looking to reduce their runs.

“You have to think that the time doesn’t start until the barrier breaks off the calf’s neck or off your horse’s chest,” Domer explained. “You have from the corner to the barrier line to get at least one swing off. Once you realize that, you can slow down a little bit, ride your horse correctly, get to the line, get that first swing going and, then, you can be sharp with it.”

Domer encouraged ropers to rope in “tough situations” in the practice pen, too. Although there is a fear of developing bad habits, she says, roping in a perfect environment at home isn’t going to help when the money is up and the pressure is on.

“You have to be okay with making mistakes in the practice pen because that’s free,” Domer said. “I tell people all the time, ‘Work at it. Don’t be afraid to miss in the practice pen. Don’t be afraid to mess up because that’s when you learn.’ You don’t just have it all figured out. You need to step out of your comfort zone a little bit.”

Old Fort Days Rodeo Results

May 29–June 3

1. Kelsie Domer, 1.7 seconds, $4,681

2. (tie) Jackie Crawford and Hannah Hughes, 1.9, $3,394 each

4. (tie) Shelby Boisjoli and Addee Carder, 2.0, $2,107 each

6. (tie) Cassidy Boggs, Jacelyn Frost, Delaney Kunau and Bryana Lehrmann, 2.1, $1,141 each

10. Jenna Lee Adams, 2.3, $819

11. Sloan Anderson, 2.4, $702

12. (tie) Angela Bartley and Beau Peterson, 2.5, $527 each

14. Kayley Kennemer, 2.6, $351

15. (tie) Amber Coleman and Anna Dietrich, 2.7, $117 each.

Hugo Pro Rodeo

Danielle “Dani” Lowman topped the Hugo Pro Rodeo with a time of 1.6 seconds, earning $2,707 and getting closer to $30,000 in ProRodeo earnings as the summer run begins. She let her Redmond, Oregon-winning mare “Shi-Biz” take the weekend off, opting to ride “Boots” instead.

“Boots is great across the line, great for short setups, so I enjoy riding her when I can,” Lowman said.

Hot on her heels were 2022 WPRA World Champion Martha Angelone and 2021 NFBR qualifier Sarah Morrissey, both with times of 1.8 seconds, earning $2,098 each.

Hugo Pro Rodeo Results

Hugo, Oklahoma

June 2–3

1. Danielle Lowman, 1.6 seconds, $2,707

2. (tie) Martha Angelone and Sarah Morrissey, 1.8, $2,098 each

4. Sarah Angelone, 1.9, $1,624

5. (tie) Brighton Bauman, Jenna Fulton and Taylor Munsell, 2.0, $993 each

8. Bradi Good, 2.1, $541

9. Shelby Boisjoli, 2.2, $474

10. (tie) Kaycee Hollingback, Brooke Ladner, Shai Schaefer and Hali Williams, 2.3, $254 each.

Mt. Pleasant Rodeo

If the Mt. Pleasant Rodeo was a NASCAR race, there would have been bumper cars up front with six girls tying for the No. 1 spot—all roping in 2.1 seconds. Melanie Churchill, Ari-Anna Flynn, Bradi Good, Laramie Johnson, Braylee Shepherd and current WPRA world leader Hali Williams each took home $2,077.

Mt. Pleasant Rodeo Results

Mt. Pleasant, Texas

June 1–3

1. (tie) Melanie Churchill, Ari-Anna Flynn, Bradi Good, Laramie Johnson, Braylee Shepherd and Hali Williams, 2.1 seconds, $2,077 each

7. (tie) Nicole Baggarley, Whitley Faith Fisher and Beau Peterson, 2.2, $768 each

10. Jordan Jo Hollabaugh, 2.3, $597

11. Whitney Thurmond, 2.4, $512

12. (tie) MaryBeth Beam, Erika Frost, Bryana Lehrmann, Danielle Lowman, Heather McLaughlin and Abbie Williams, 2.5, $199 each.

Other ProRodeo results

151st Silver Spurs Rodeo #1

Kissimmee, Florida

June 2

1. Kelsey Mabry, 2.7 seconds, $910

2. (tie) Bobbie Jo Alcazar, Stephanie Corona and Cady Dever-Boaz, 3.2, $455 each.

151st Silver Spurs Rodeo #2

Kissimmee, Florida

June 3

1. Traci Ashton, 2.3 seconds, $880

2. Cady Dever-Boaz, 2.4, $660

3. Tabitha Owens, 2.5, $440

4. Kelsey Mabry, 2.7, $220.

Leduc Black Gold Rodeo

Leduc, Alberta

June 1–3

1. (tie) Aubrey Ross and Kylie Whiteside, 2.1 seconds, $1,314 each

3. Lawrie Saunders, 2.2, $1,039

4. (tie) Natalie Bevans, Caitlyn Dahm and Kyla Kelly, 2.3, $672 each

7. (tie) Jenna Dallyn and Jessie Armstrong, 2.4, $214 each.

Extreme Events Championship Rodeo

Waconia, Minnesota

June 2–3

1. Joslynn Masters, 3.5 seconds, $878

2. (tie) Jesse Alsup and Caden Borman, 4.1, $651 each

4. Danni Clover, 4.2, $424

5. Shalee King, 4.4, $272

6. (tie) Abby Lee and Whitney Locken, 4.5, $76 each.

Mesquite Championship Rodeo

Mesquite, Texas

June 3

1. Taylor Hanchey, 1.9 seconds, $1,418

2. (tie) Amber Crawford, Jordan Jo Hollabaugh, Rainey Skelton and Hali Williams, 2.3, $807 each

6. Jordi Edens, 2.5, $244.

Fort Herriman PRCA Rodeo

Herriman Utah

June 2–3

1. Kash Gay, 2.3 seconds, $1,816

2. Makayla Boots, 2.4, $1,579

3. Shelby Pulham, 3.0, $1,342

4. (tie) Jessica Brinkerhoff and Makenzi Smith, 3.1, $987 each

6. (tie) Jessica Johnson and Coralee Spratt, 3.2, $513 each

8. Raegan Steed, 3.5, $158.

Pioneer Days Rodeo

Clovis, New Mexico

June 1–3

1. Taylor Munsell, 2.0 seconds, $2,681

2. Josey Murphy, 2.3, $2,298

3. Kendal Pierson, 2.4, $1,915

4. MaryBeth Beam, 2.5, $1,659

5. Jill Tanner, 2.6, $1,277

6. Rheagan Cotton, 2.7, $1,021

7. Sequin Brewer, 2.9, $766

8. Kaitlyn Harwell, 3.1, $511

9. Kenzie Kelton, 3.2, $383

10. (tie) Madalyn Richards and Quincy Sullivan, 3.3, $128 each.

Durant Pro Rodeo

Durant, Oklahoma

June 2–3

1. (tie) Montana Brown and Laramie Johnson, 1.9 seconds, $3,002 each

3. Bailey Gubert, 2.0, $2,271

4. (tie) Jordan Jo Hollabaugh and Amber Hutto, 2.1, $1,785 each

6. Karen Little, 2.3, $1,136

7. (tie) Rheagan Cotton and Cheyanne Guillory, 2.4, $730 each

9. (tie) Mataya Eklund and Jade Kenney, 2.6, $527 each

11. (tie) Cheyenne Bartling, Beau Peterson and Chenoa Vandestouwe, 2.7, $243 each.

Grand Prairie Stampede

Grand Prairie, Alberta

June 1–4

1. MiKenna Schauer, 2.6 seconds, $1,895

2. (tie) Lakota Bird and Kyla Kelly, 2.7, $1,637 each

4. (tie) Bradi Whiteside and Shayla Hall, 2.8, $1,211 each

6. Jenna Dallyn, 2.9, $895

7. Sammy-Joe Bird, 3.0, $684

8. Cammie Fox, 3.1, $579

9. Macy Auclair, 3.2, $474

10. (tie) Jessica Gunsch, 3.4 and Bobbi Henderson, 3.4, $158 each.

Santa Maria Elks Rodeo

Santa Maria, California

June 1–4

1. Suzanne Williams, 2.7 seconds, $1,998

2. Gianna O’Day, 2.8, $1,737

3. (tie) Kate Branco and Beth Hitchcock, 2.9, $1,346 each

5. Kaitlyn Anderson, 3.0, $955

6. Patricia Rincon, 3.1, $695

7. Tyree Cochrane, 3.5, $434

8. (tie) Alea Cunningham and Toni Miller, 3.6, $87 each.

Elizabeth Stampede Rodeo

Elizabeth, Colorado

June 3–4

1. Jacelyn Frost, 2.7 seconds, $2,242

2. (tie) Kenzie Kelton and Devan McAdow, 2.9, $1,803 each

4. Linsay Rosser Sumpter, 3.3, $1,365

5. (tie) Lariat Adams, Dara Belew and Tana Johnston, 3.5, $780 each

8. Coralee Spratt, 3.6, $195.