Two weeks remain in the ProRodeo season, and Kelsie Domer is returning to the arena just five weeks after giving birth.

With two weeks remaining in the ProRodeo season, Kelsie Domer just made the bubble race even more interesting.

She’s back in the roping pen and entered up just five weeks after giving birth to her daughter, Oaklynn.

“My doctor told me I have zero restrictions, so I didn’t even have to fight with him,” Domer said.

Domer shot to the top of the world standings early on in 2022 after a win at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo.

Domer told BRJ editor, Chelsea Shaffer, in May,

“If it all pans out, I’ll be back for the (NFBR). That’s the fairytale. But if $42,000 doesn’t make the NFR, that’s AMAZING. If I’m not in and it takes more than that, that’s freaking bad ass, and the breakaway roping is headed to where we want it to go.”

Domer watched her name slowly drop down the standings as the year progressed. The final shove came when Puyallup, Washington’s $74,500-added NFR Playoff Series Finale checks were cashed and Domer got knocked out of the top 15 for the first time in 2022. Domer currently sits No. 19 in the WPRA world standings with $42,193 in earnings.

She’s just over $2,700 out of the top 15, but the plot gets thicker— Jackie Crawford, one of Domer’s closest friends, is holding down the No. 15 spot with $44,904.

“Of course I’m cheering for her and she’s cheering for me,” Domer said. “That’s how it’s always going to be. But it’s in the back of your mind. It sucks when your best friend and you might be battling it out for fifteenth.”

Crawford to Rope 6 Months Pregnant at Inaugural National Finals of Breakaway Roping

With the green light, Domer is hitting the road with husband, Ryan, and Oaklynn and has mapped her route out for the final stretch. Domer has six rodeos on the radar in Arkansas, Texas, Nebraska and North Dakota to finish strong.

The break didn’t seem to hurt her loop or timing. Domer and her trusted gelding, Little Man tried things on for size in the practice pen before heading out.

“I roped live for the first time since May this week,” Domer said. “It felt great, maybe a little rusty but no balance issues, and it didn’t hurt.”

To make it into the top 15, Domer will not only have to chase Crawford, but she’s got to tackle Tacy Webb, Danielle Lowman and Resistol Rookie contender Josie Conner on the way. Above the NFBR qualifying line, Samantha Fulton and Cheyenne Guillory are still sweating it out with under $50,000 in earnings. Stay tuned for BRJ’s coverage of the final days of the 2022 ProRodeo season.

Listen to Domer on The Breakaway Breakdown Podcast.

WPRA World Standings as of September 09, 2022

1Martha AngeloneStephenville, TX$105,119.8488
2Erin JohnsonFowler, CO$72,241.0463
3Taylor HancheyCarmine, TX$63,812.3279
4Shelby BoisjoliStephenville, TX$63,792.7773
5Lari Dee GuyAbilene, TX$63,567.7480
6Taylor MunsellAlva, OK$62,511.8881
7Jordi EdensGatesville, TX$61,892.1670
8Joey WilliamsVolborg, MT$61,732.1855
9Rickie EngesserSpearfish, SD$57,423.6349
10Beau PetersonCouncil Grove, KS$55,664.2466
11Cadee WilliamsWeatherford, TX$53,943.3261
12J J HamptonStephenville, TX$52,055.1787
13Samantha FultonMiller, SD$49,303.3281
14Cheyanne GuilloryKingston, OK$47,308.1686
15Jackie CrawfordStephenville, TX$44,903.6887
16Tacy WebbMidway, TX$43,413.6283
17Danielle LowmanGilbert, AZ$43,125.0473
18Josie ConnerIowa, LA$42,964.2263
19Kelsie DomerDublin, TX$42,192.8825
20Sawyer GilbertBuffalo, SD$41,667.6484
21Amber CrawfordBoyd, TX$38,076.5180
22Tiffany SchieckFloresville, TX$37,353.3348
23Josey MurphyKeachi, LA$36,929.2682
24Amanda ColemanStephenville, TX$34,876.4583
25Hope ThompsonAbilene, TX$33,935.2188