Courtney Wood Wins High Desert Stampede in 2021

Courtney Wood won the High Desert Stampede in Redmond, Oregon, after roping two head in 4.80 seconds, pocketing $1,342.

Kent Soule Photo

Courtney Wood dominated the High Desert Stampede’s ProRodeo Breakaway Roping in Redmond, Oregon, that ran from March 25-27.

Wood, 25, from McArthur, California, drew two calves that set her up to be a total time of 4.80 seconds to win the rodeo, pocketing $1,342.

“I wanted to rope the calves as fast as I could and didn’t want to expect anything before it happened,” said Wood, who is originally from Chico, California. “We did what we could on what we had. We drew two amazing calves, so that was very helpful.”

Wood split the first-round win with Katie Jo McFarlane and Samantha Fulton with a 2.50-second run, worth $741 per lady. Wood then came back to the second round and turned in a time of 2.30 seconds to win the second round, adding $895 to her weekend earnings.

“I knew that there were a lot of girls there,” said Wood, who graduated with her bachelors in Ag. Business from Colorado State University and is now working on getting into nursing school. “The hardest part is getting to the next round. I just went in there and made my run. You just have to rope the calf as fast as you can and not worry about what anyone else is doing.

The setup was fast. A lot of girls said that the calves were uneven. I saw probably shoulder to the pin. I tried to push the barrier a little more than I probably should have.”

Wood’s practice sessions leading up to the two-head rodeo didn’t go exactly as planned due to weather conditions.

“It’s been hard to practice because we haven’t had the nicest weather,” Wood said. “The arena just dried out the other day. I’ve been able to rope the Nex dummy and the sled a little bit. I have been getting my horse back in shape.”

Wood threw her quick loops on a 16-year-old mare named “Sunday”, whom she purchased from her previous rodeo coach from Feather River College.

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“My horse was a little on the excited side during the performance,” Wood said. “She was super ancy outside of the arena, but the second we walked in the box she was a totally different horse. She got her game face on. She’s kind of a hard one to get along with. No one really got along with her much before I got her. I get along with her really well. She’s helped me get to a lot of rodeos. I couldn’t do without her.”

Wood was more than thankful to the High Desert Stampede committee for hosting the PRCA/WPRA Breakaway ropers at their event.

“I was just super excited that they had the rodeo, and I was thankful to go up there,” Wood said. “Thank you to the High Desert Stampede committee for making this rodeo happen this year.”

ProRodeo Breakaway Roping Top 15 Standings as of 3/28/2021: 

1. Samantha Fulton, $5,664.38

2. Rylie Smith, $4,180.89

3. Erin Johnson, $3,999.11

4. Nicole Baggarley, $3,700.50

5. Jackie Crawford, $3,322.63

6. Kelsie Chace, $2,900.98

7. Rickie Engesser, $2,763.02

8. Katie Mindorf, $2,645.94

9. Martha Angelone, $2,587.75

10. Lari Dee Guy, $2,228.15

11. Jordan Fabrizio, $2,157.56

12. Jordan Minor, $1,581.08

13/14. Hope Lutrell, $1,563.29

13/14. Willow Nicholas, $1,563.29

15. Megan Steiger, $1,495.54 

Full Results

Redmond Breakaway Roping

Redmond, Oregon, March 25-27

First round: 

1/2/3. Courtney Wood, 2.50-second run, worth $741

1/2/3. Katie Jo McFarlane, 2.50-second run, worth $741 

1/2/3. Samantha Fulton, 2.50 seconds-second run, worth $741 

4/5. Bailey Patterson, 2.80-second run, worth $355 

4/5. Nicole Baggarley, 2.80-second run, worth $355

6. Amanda Coleman, 3.00-second run, worth $154 

Second round leaders: 

1. Courtney Wood, 2.30-second run, worth $895 

2. Kiley Duby, 2.70-second run, worth $741 

3/4. Trisha McCoin, 3.10-second run, worth $509

3/4. Suzanne Williams, 3.10-second run, worth $509 

5. Allie Brown, 3.20-second run, worth $278 

6. Amanda Coleman, 3.30-second run, worth $154 


1. Courtney Wood, 4.80 seconds on two head, worth $1,342

2/3. Samantha Fulton, 6.20 seconds on two head, worth $995

2/3. Suzanne Williams, 6.20 seconds on two head, worth $995

4/5. Amanda Coleman, 6.30 seconds on two head, worth $532

4/5. Kiley Duby, 6.30 seconds on two head, worth $532 

6. Allie Brown, 6.50 seconds on two head, worth $231.

Springfield Breakaway Roping

Springfield, Missouri , March 26-27

1. Syerra C.Y. Christensen, 1.70-second run, worth $3,450

2. Makayla Mack, 1.90-second run, worth $2,760 

3/4/5. Kirby Eppert, 2.10-second run, worth $1,782

3/4/5. Shelby Boisjoli, 2.10-second run, worth $1,782

3/4/5. Martha Angelone, 2.10-second run, worth $1,782 

6/7. Callie Hewett, 2.20-second run, worth $949 

6/7. Kelsie Chace, 2.20-second run, worth $949 

8. Emma Charleston, 2.30-second run, worth $776

9/10. Vanessa Madison, 2.40-second run, worth $647

9/10. Jayme Marcrum, 2.40-second run, worth $647 

11/12/13/14/15/16/17. Cali Griffin, 2.50-second run, worth $246

11/12/13/14/15/16/17. Amber Coleman, 2.50-second run, worth $246

11/12/13/14/15/16/17. Megan Steiger, 2.50-second run, worth $246

11/12/13/14/15/16/17. Ashley Goforth, 2.50-second run, worth $246

11/12/13/14/15/16/17. Bailey Brown, 2.50-second run, worth $246

11/12/13/14/15/16/17. Josey Murphy, 2.50-second run, worth $246

11/12/13/14/15/16/17. Jordan Fabrizio, 2.50-second run, worth $246

Waxahachie Breakaway Roping

Waxahachie, Texas, March 26-27

1. Sarah Morrissey, 2.10-second run, worth $2,184 

2/3/4. Maci Ray, 2.40-second run, worth $1,614 

2/3/4. Shelby Boisjoli, 2.40-second run, worth $1,614

2/3/4. Kelsie Chace, 2.40-second run, worth $1,614

5. Erin Johnson, 2.60-second run, worth $1,044

6. McKenzie Wansing, 2.70-second run, worth $760

7/8/9. Jill Tanner, 2.80-second run, worth $222

7/8/9. Cheyanne Guillory, 2.80-second run, worth $222

7/8/9. Codi Sebastian, 2.80-second run, worth $222.

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