JJ Hampton moved to the top of the WCRA Rodeo leaderboard after winning the Downtown Arena’s Women’s Rodeo World Championship Fast Track Qualifier in Wickenburg, Arizona, on March 20, 2021.

“This is the first spot for the win and you’re in, so I’m excited to get that,” said 18-time WPRA World Champion JJ Hampton.

Hampton, who roped at the inaugural National Finals of Breakaway Roping in Arlington, Texas, roped three head in 9.89 seconds, worth $725, and is now second in the WCRA Rodeo’s Open Breakaway Leaderboard with 4,641.5 points behind the No. 1 lady Josie Conner with 7,377.25 points.

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“Everybody who ropes should go to the WCRA and try to get to the Women’s Rodeo World Championship because where else do we rope for that much money,” Hampton said. “I took the opportunity to come over here and it worked out. If you team rope, breakaway rope, barrel race, you should be coming to the WCRA and nominating for the Women’s Championship.”

The start was four-under at the outdoor arena with big beef calves, so Hampton showcased her scoring ability.

“The calves were big and didn’t leave the chute as strong, so I was still seeing an ear or behind the ear to get out around the end of the gate to get out,” Hampton said. “It was kind of fun to come here and rope something different and it was a pretty good setup.”

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Hampton came back to the short round in the No. 1 spot and drew a calf she previously roped in the second round.

“I didn’t get a good start on him the first time,” Hampton said. “It was kind of windy and when you hit the wind, it’s like you have to swing again, but that calf was really good in the short round and I thought my horse scored better. He got better as each round went. He was really looking for the calves and backing off for me to where I can rope because I do a lot better that way.

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Hampton notes that she was fortunate to be using a 10.5 Edge by Fast Back Ropes at the roping which helped her battle through the windy conditions.

“I noticed with a lot of the other girls that their ropes were kind of flying out of their hand. I don’t have that problem because my rope is already heavy, so it doesn’t bother me that bad.”

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Hampton was throwing her quick loops and riding the big stop on her 18-year-old bay gelding Mighty, that her son Kason has recently taken over.

“My son Kason had been riding him and I just got him back because I had bought a new horse and now Kason has taken over the new one,” Hampton said. “Mikey is solid. He’s honest. He scores good. He doesn’t do anything fabulous, but he’s a winner. I’m still riding Kason’s horse, so I guess I’m going to have to give him mount money.”

It was beautiful weather. I want to come back and rope out in Arizona a lot more. I haven’t been out here in a long time. I used to all-girl a lot out here. Maybe now that I’m ProRodeoing more I’ll get a chance to come to a lot more. BRJ.