Hope Thompson Aces First-Ever Clark County Fair & Rodeo Breakaway Roping

Hope Thompson became Logandale, Nevada’s, first breakaway champion with a time of 5.7 seconds on two head.

Hope Thompson Aces First-ever Clark County Fair & Rodeo Breakaway Roping
Armed with trusty steed Ace, Hope Thompson earned the first-ever breakaway title at Logandale, Nevada. Photo by Hailey Rae

Clark County Fair & Rodeo in Logandale, Nevada, joined the wave of ProRodeos adding breakaway with equal money for ropers, and Hope Thompson was the first lady to cash in on the championship prize on April 16, 2023.

“Logandale was really fun, and I want to thank the rodeo for adding it,” Thompson, 37, said. “It’s big, outdoors with an open arena. The Western run of rodeos usually have a longer start and the calves we’ve been roping are a lot bigger. I love the change of getting to see [the calf] out in front of you and calling on your horse to go make those runs.”

Posting a 3-second run and a 2.7-second run, the WPRA World Champion Breakaway Roper from Abilene, Texas, raked in a total of $3,494, edging her closer to the top 15 in the WPRA world standings (Thompson is currently 22nd with $13,406 in earnings).

“I drew good, and I tried to use the calves for what they were,” Thompson said. “My first round, I didn’t know the calf. I was a tick off the barrier but my calf was great, and I went and knocked it down and made a good run.

“For my second calf, I knew it. Josie Conner and Jordi Edens had him and they’d both made it back. I knew it was a chance to capitalize, I just had to stay behind the barrier, not safety up and get it on him as fast as I could.”

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“Ace” in the hole

Thompson’s mount for the summer run of rodeos is “Ace,” a 13-year-old gelding registered as Acres Of Docsanna.

“Ace is really forgiving and good about running to the calf out in the arena,” Thompson said. “He was an easy choice for out here. Jackie Crawford and I are doing our second school at Cal Poly University out here, so I’ve had opportunities to score and keep him sharp. I ride him, score, and keep his confidence up.”

Watch Thompson practice on Ace on Breakawayroping.com ⬇️

Hope Thompson Aces First-ever Clark County Fair & Rodeo Breakaway Roping

Thompson plans to use Logandale as a source of momentum while she looks to finish her Western run out strong.

Where is Hope Thompson’s Superchrome Ink?

While Ace is certainly a star, Thompson’s recognizable, jet-black mare Superchrome Ink (Starlights Gypsy x Little Swinging Gal x Swing N Low) or “Ink” is absent from her trailer. Thompson explained her absence simply.

“I have a lot of people wanting to breed to her but she’s my number one, main horse, so I haven’t set the time aside [to breed her],” Thompson said. “Now that I have some others to fill her shoes, I am going to get this done.”

Ink, under the care of Solo Select in Whitesboro, Texas, is scheduled to be bred to stallion Winners Version (Holland Ease x The Jubilee Diamond x Runaway Winner) and flushed for embryos. Thompson said she may make a few appearances on the rodeo road throughout the summer but will likely frequent the breeding barn until the indoor setups begin to pop back up in the fall. 

Clark County Fair & Rodeo results

First round: 1. Danielle Lowman, 2.4 seconds, $2,286; 2. (tie) Nicole Baggarley and Amber Crawford, 2.5, $1,838 each; 4. Jordi Edens, 2.7, $1,391; 5. (tie) Montana Brown, Anna Callaway, Sarah Verhelst and Macy Young, 2.8, $646 each.

Second round: 1. Erin Johnson, 2.2 seconds, $2,286; 2. (tie) Kassidy Dennison, Aspen Miller and Hali Williams, 2.3, $1,689 each; 5. (tie) MaryBeth Beam and Noel Lambert, 2.4, $944 each; 7. Cheyanne Guillory, 2.6, $497; 8. (tie) Martha Angelone, Shawnee Sherwood and Hope Thompson, 2.7, $66 each.

Average: 1. Hope Thompson, 5.7 seconds on two head, $3,428; 2. Sarah Verhelst, 5.9, $2,981; 3. (tie) Amber Crawford, Nicole Baggarley and Anna Callaway, 6.0, $2,087 each; 6. Aspen Miller, 6.1, $1,192; 7. Jackie Crawford, 6.9, $745; 8. Makayla Boisjoli, 7.3, $298.

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