Rylea Fabrizio Cashes in on Single Entry at Roping Futurities Of America on Hiss N Up

Rylea Fabrizio and Hiss N Up went 7.89 seconds to win the Roping Futurities of America derby in Abilene on February 15.

Rylea Fabrizio Cashes In On Single Entry At Roping Futurities Of America On Hiss N Up
Rylea Fabrizio and Hiss N Up got the RFA Derby win in Abilene. Image by Shelby Lynn Photography.

Rylea Fabrizio has been laser-focused on capitalizing each time she nods her head in 2023, and that paid off on February 15, 2023 with a $4,500 breakaway derby win at the 2023 Roping Futurities of America.

Fabrizio and Hiss N Up, known as “Jolene,” didn’t cash in during their 2022 RFA showing, so Fabrizio was determind to make it work in 2023.

“Last year I kind of took myself out of it,” Fabrizio said. ” (This year) I just wanted to be aggressive and make the best runs I could.”

The Stephenville, Texas cowgirl was just out of the money in both rounds of competition in Abilene, but she came back to the short round seated within the top-five and completed her run in 2.65 seconds, which clinched her aggregate win with 7.89 seconds on three head.

Rylea Fabrizio stops her horse after roping a calf at the Roping Futurities of America breakaway derby.
Shelby Lynn Photography

“I got out good and she worked great,” Fabrizio said. “In the short round, with the set of girls who were behind me I knew I had to make a good run.”

Fabrizio has worked with Jolene since her boyfriend, 2022 NFR heeler Jonathon Torres, found the mare as a three-year-old and encouraged Fabrizio to purchase the now 6-year-old mare. Fabrizio noted that the small mare’s athleticism and speed helped out massively on the stronger cattle cowgirls faced at the RFA.

Pedigree papers of Rylea Fabrizio's Hiss N Up

Fabrizio is looking forward to a jam-packed schedule between jackpots and rodeos in 2023, and still finds time to fit in an administrative job around her roping entries.

“This was my goal,” Fabrizio said. “Lately, I’ve been just entering on one horse. I don’t even enter twice where I can. I told myself to just go rope three calves, do my job and don’t worry about it. They only write first on one check, anyway.”


Rylea Fabrizio and “Jolene,” got the win in the @ropingfuturityofamerica Derby today. Story to follow in bio. #BreakawayRoping #Cowgirl #Roping #Futurity #AQHA #HorseTok

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2023 Roping Futurities of America Breakaway Derby Results

First Round

  1. Shelby Boisjoli and For Goodness Shakes, 2.19 seconds, worth $3,040
  2. Jacey Thompson Milligan and Magnums Sweet Quest, 2.35 seconds, worth $1,830
  3. Maggie Goodan and So Hot Hes Cool, 2.36 seconds, worth $1,200

Second Round

  1. Emilee Charlesworth and SCR Metallic Jerrie, 2.26 seconds, worth $3,040
  2. Shelby Boisjoli and For Goodness Shakes, 2.27 seconds, worth $1,830
  3. Jacey Thompson Milligan, 2.37 seconds, worth $1,200


  1. Rylea Fabrizio on Hiss N Up, 7.89 seconds on three head, worth $4,500
  2. Emilee Charlesworth on SR Smart Mate Cat, 8.05 seconds, worth $3,600
  3. Jacey Thompson Milligan, Magnums Sweet Quest, 8.36 seconds, worth $2,900
  4. (tie)Taylor Munsell on MS Catty Talker, 8.58 seconds, worth $1,970
  5. (tie) Blaise Deere on Rodeos Beach Babe, 8.58 seconds, worth $1,970
  6. Sarah Angelone on Little Crimson Cat, 8.81 seconds, worth $1,300
  7. Haiden Thompson on Cash from A Bluestem, 9.32 seconds, worth $800
  8. Emma Charleston on Pay The Broker, 18.15 seconds, worth $600
  9. Shelby Boisjoli on For Goodness Shakes, 4.48 seconds on two head, worth $500
  10. Maggie Goodan on So Hot Hes Cold, 5.32 seconds on two head, worth $500

*Note: All 10 contestants who qualified for the short round in the breakaway derby were guaranteed a $500 minimum for roping in the short round.